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What do truck drivers make starting out?

What do truck drivers make starting out?

The average yearly salary for rookies is $40,000. Of course, bonuses and additional perks are available for their top drivers. J.B. Hunt is a company that has many benefits including no forced dispatch.

Are there any CDL training schools near you?

Let us help connect you with CDL training schools near you. Right now, nearly 70% of all freight tonnage moved in the U.S. goes on trucks.* And as the economy grows, the need for truck drivers will too. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be over 400,000 job openings between 2016 and 2026.**

Where can I go to school to become a truck driver?

Start Your Truck Driving Career! Roadmaster Drivers School is a Class CDL Truck Driving School with locations nationwide. As the Nationwide Leader in Truck Driver Training, Roadmaster has trained students for over 28 years with over 100,000 graduates. We offer in-house financing to those who qualify to help cover the cost of tuition

How many hours in a CDL driving school?

A quality CDL driving school will provide an average of about 180 hours of training time, in the vehicle and in the classroom. You will get behind the wheel on-site before you ever hit the road in the truck. During this training, you will learn the basics of: Driving. Turning. Backing up.

When does direct training start for truck drivers?

After you’ve signed on with a carrier, you will go through a period of direct training while clocking behind-the-wheel hours with a carrier trainer. Carrier training programs sometime offer a designated training pay that begins on the first day of orientation!

Can you get company paid CDL training program?

Getting grants for CDL school takes some work, but may not be as difficult as you think. If you’re looking to get into a new, high-demand career, getting truck driving grants or finding a company paid CDL training program can be your ticket into a thriving industry. How Much Does It Cost for Truck Driving School? CDL training costs don’t run cheap.

Is it possible to get your CDL without going to school?

The answer is it’s possible to get your CDL, but it will be extremely difficult to get a job without a certificate of completion from a recognized truck driving school. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why going to school is important if you’re looking to launch a new career as a truck driver.

How to get a grant for truck driving school?

Federal Pell Grants, state grants, veterans benefits, the Workforce Investment Act, and financial assistance from a company-sponsored CDL training program are all wonderful ways to get financial aid for truck driving school. How Do I Get a Grant for Truck Driving School?

What do you learn at CDL truck driving school?

You will get behind the wheel on-site before you ever hit the road in the truck. During this training, you will learn the basics of: The driving and travel is the exciting part of a trucking career, but there is also bookwork that needs to be done and done correctly.