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What do I need to know about getting a divorce?

What do I need to know about getting a divorce?

Timing. 1 You (or your spouse) have lived in this province for a year or more. 2 You can demonstrate that your marriage has broken down. 3 The court is satisfied that you have made reasonable arrangements for any children, including child support.

Do you need a lawyer to get a divorce?

You don’t need a lawyer to get a divorce, but it’s a good idea get some legal advice, especially if you have to agree about issues about parenting, support, or property and debt. If you don’t have a lawyer, the Justice Access Centres can help you get the information you need to prepare your own case for a contested divorce.

What should I do if I want a divorce in Victoria?

If this applies to you and you want a divorce, you will need to prepare supporting affidavits. Get legal advice. If you have been married for less than two years, you and your spouse must go to a counselling session with a family counsellor and file a certificate confirming this with the court.

When do you not need to go to court for divorce?

If you are making a joint application you do not need to go to court. If you are making a sole application and your children are under 18 and were part of the family prior to separation, you must go to court unless circumstances stop you from attending. You will need to pay a filing fee. You may be entitled to a reduced fee.

What are the signs that you need to divorce?

Hiding letters or taking measures to assure privacy during phone calls may also indicate trouble. Another sign you may need a divorce includes every conversation or verbal interaction turning into a fight or disagreement.

What are the signs of divorce?

Not having resolution to problems can lead to resentment and a deteriorating marriage. Another common warning sign of divorce is a lack of physical intimacy or affection. Part of any marriage is the discussion of feelings for each other that strengthens the bond.

When it’s time to divorce?

One of the most crucial indicators of when to divorce is if one or both partners have gone outside the marriage to pursue another relationship. While some couples manage to recover from the pain that an affair causes, others take it as validation that they need to end it.