What can you tell me about your previous employment?

What can you tell me about your previous employment?

One of the common questions asked by recruiters at a job interview is “What can you tell me about your previous employment?”. Although seemingly innocuous, this is a question where many candidates struggle.

Do you have to answer interview questions about your previous job?

Being asked what you liked and disliked about your former employer isn’t the only question where you may have to tread carefully during a job interview. Here are other common interview questions and answers that an interviewer will ask not only to learn more about your skills and work background, but also to measure your personality and positivity:

Are there any questions an employer cannot ask?

Hidden illegal questions an employer cannot ask that may seem harmless. What to do if an employer doesn’t know what not to ask in an interview. Ready for the short list of illegal interview questions? We’ve got all the no-no topics here, including race, age, disability, and religion. Want more detail?

Why do employers ask about your previous work experience?

There are many reasons why an employer may ask you about previous work experience. First, they want to make sure that you have the experience and knowledge required for the job role. They may have read about your experience on your CV or resume but they want to hear about it directly from you.

What happens if you say ” no ” to a previous employer?

Without any chance to verify your qualifications from your resume and cover letter, too many “no’s” could spell the end of your interview process (maybe before you even get a call for an interview). The main acceptable reasons for the hiring committee to not be able to contact a previous employer or a current one are:

Why do employers ask to contact your previous employer?

Employers ask if they can contact your previous employers for several reasons: For permission to verify your employment history during the background check portion of the candidate selection process.

Can a previous employer answer a verification question?

If you aren’t comfortable having the employer call the employer directly, you can list a previous coworker who is a manager or supervisor to answer any verification questions. Be sure they know that this is for employment verification, not a reference and that they should be expecting a call.

Where are employers not allowed to ask for salary history?

1 State-wide. State agencies and departments may not request salary history from applicants until after an offer of employment is extended. 2 New York City. Employers in New York City are prohibited from requesting information about job applicants’ previous pay or benefits. 3 Albany County. 4 Suffolk County. 5 Westchester County.