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What can an immigration judge do for You?

What can an immigration judge do for You?

An immigration judge also decides cases of aliens in various types of removal proceedings. During the proceedings, an immigration judge may grant any type of immigration relief or benefit to an alien, including to his or her family members.

Do you need a copy of the immigration judge’s decision?

A written copy of the decision will be especially important to have if you decide to appeal your case or make a motion regarding the IJ’s decision (appeals and motions are discussed below). For more information on this stage of the process, see When You’ll Get the Immigration Judge’s Decision.

What happens if I don’t show up for immigration court?

Whether you show up in court on the day you’re supposed to or not, the Immigration Judge can still decide the case. In fact, chances are the judge decided that you must be removable, and decided against you. For more on whether you have any remaining remedies after that, see Ordered Removed in Absentia: What Can I Do?

Who was the immigration judge that stepped down?

John Richardson, a former immigration judge in Phoenix, stepped down on Sep. 30, 2018 — the day before the administration instituted a quota for the number of cases to be completed by judges.

Who is the head of the immigration court?

The Office of the Chief Immigration Judge (OCIJ) is led by the chief immigration judge, who establishes operating policies and oversees policy implementation for the immigration courts.

What happens after an immigration judge makes a decision?

If, after an Immigration Judge has given a decision on your case, new facts or evidence arise that the IJ did not consider or think about when deciding your case, you would want to file what’s called a “motion to reopen.” That’s just what it sounds like. You would be asking the IJ to reopen the file and undo the earlier decision.

Who is the Chief Immigration Judge in Oklahoma?

Judge Barcus is a member of the Oklahoma State Bar. Rico J. Bartolomei was appointed as an Assistant Chief Immigration Judge, based in San Diego, in April 2012, and previously from October 2006 to January 2009.

How many immigration judges are there in the United States?

OCIJ provides overall program direction and establishes priorities for approximately 400 immigration judges located in 63 immigration courts and two adjudications centers throughout the Nation.