What are the types of exempt professional employees?

What are the types of exempt professional employees?

There are two general types of exempt professional employees: learned professionals and creative professionals. See other fact sheets in this series for more information on the exemptions for executive , administrative , computer and outside sales employees, and for more information on the salary basis requirement.

What are the requirements for executive exempt status?

Employees who hold executive exemption status must meet the following requirements: 1 Regularly supervise two or more full-time employees or four part-time employees 2 Be responsible for managing at least part of the business 3 Play an important role in the job status of other employees, such as hiring and delegating tasks

How are i.t.positions considered exempt employment?

You are exempt if your primary job duties include managing at least two employees, hiring and firing staff and managing a subdivision or company department. The management exemption applies to people working in most sectors of the economy so it does not matter if your job duties include programming, software analysis…

Can a learned professional work as an exempt employee?

Learned professionals: If you work rather independently (not completely, of course), and are a knowledge-based worker, you can qualify as exempt.

What are the criteria for exempt employees?

Here is the criteria for exempt employees. The first criteria for exempt status is that exempt employees must be salary instead of hourly workers. However, being salaried does not necessarily mean an employee is exempt. There are many nonexempt workers who receive a salary rather than hourly pay.

What are the rules for exempt employees?

Exempt employees are paid not for hours worked but rather for the work that they performed. For an employee to be considered exempt, they must use discretion and independent judgment, at least 50 percent of the time and must earn more than $455 per week.

Are all salaried employees exempt?

All exempt employees are salaried; however, all salaried employees aren’t exempt. There’s yet another classification of salaried employees who do receive overtime pay. These are salaried, non-exempt workers who are paid a fixed rate for an agreed-upon number of hours each week.

What is an exempt employee?

  • An exempt employee is an individual who is exempt from any overtime pay or minimum wage requirements.
  • This exemption is generally found in American labor laws and is called the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
  • FLSA regulations are accompanied by local and state regulations that complement these rules and create different guidelines for employees.