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The Crucial Need For A Business Attorney During A Worldwide Pandemic

Gone are the days when a business attorney or lawyer only had to deal with negotiations and demands between corporations. Nowadays, the pandemic has plagued us, and its ramifications have seeped into all areas of work and made them undeniably political. Nonetheless, business attorneys have to persevere and try to maintain a professional environment when dealing with businesses and companies that are facing a myriad of problems themselves due to the uncertain circumstance we’re in. Not to mention, they have to tackle and solve all these issues virtually most of the time. This article endeavors to educate you regarding all of the reasons why the presence of business attorneys is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses to survive in this period of time.

The Threat Of Bankruptcy:

Not all businesses are multimillionaire corporations that are able to sustain themselves throughout the ongoing pandemic despite not making profits. In fact, most are small-scale businesses and startups, many of which survive from paycheck to paycheck. Additionally, the salaries of the employees on board and utility costs like electricity and gas all come together and may influence a previously fine and functional establishment to close down. The business attorneys, of course, have to deal with the aftermath of this. They have to work out deals with the government regarding policy to show leniency due to the evidently drastic impacts of the coronavirus. Not to mention, a lot of businesses ought to seek the legal advice of their business attorneys to make an informed decision about whether they could make it through the covid situation as it is or if they should close the business down permanently or temporarily.

Defending Clients Who’ve Been Sued:

With this chaos ongoing, some employees who might’ve been mistreated or exploited have turned to sue the businesses and companies they worked for. Whether it’s for working overtime, being fired without prior notice, being forced to violate SOP guidelines/forcing to work despite lockdown, or not being paid their salary, it can lead to a collective lawsuit. The workers can unionize and collectively fight for their rights and paid leaves in the current circumstances. It is the business attorneys’ job to reach to some sort of conclusion within the courtroom, so that both the parties can leave the situation compensated and satisfied.

Providing Government Compensation To Deserving Clients:

The redistribution of money through COVID relief funds have proven to be of great assistance, and business attorneys can vouch for their client if they’re eligible for them. Since the employment rates have drastically fallen during COVID and many previously-employed people have ended up jobless and even homeless, this has become a necessity. Relief funds by the government, and personally led ones by NGOs provide shelter, food stamps, and stimulus checks for families that have been most affected by the virus. Business attorneys have to work and file the mandatory paperwork in an effort of getting their clients their rights.

Guidelines For Essential Services:

Some businesses, for instance, grocery shops, delivery places, and pharmacies, cannot be closed down. This is why the business attorney is supposed to help their clients adhere to SOPs and safety laws, while simultaneously assisting them in case of a breach. Even apart from covid-related formalities, they have to make sure their client’s companies are in compliance with numerous other business regulations.

Protecting A Client’s Intellectual Property:

The stealing and misuse of copyrighted content was quite a prevalent issue pre-corona as well, but now it has been getting increasingly worse. The decline in the ethical labor force has encouraged a lot more scamming “services” and websites to come into being, all of which thrive off of stolen content for ads. Since people are relying more on online shopping and home delivery services nowadays, it gives those scammers space to trap customers. An example of this is product pictures of a different company being recycled and used by another one to sell their products and being claimed as their own. The business attorneys ought to protect their client’s business reputation and sue those people for intellectual theft.

Interstate And International Trading/Selling Issues:

It’s evident that traveling has been restricted due to the worldwide pandemic, which has led to businesses who sell their product nationally or internationally to suffer significant losses. This is where business attorneys step in to deal with the damage.

Disputes Between Business Partners:

A lot of businesses and companies stick with the same business attorney since their inception. Those business attorneys are the ones to draft their beginning paperwork and contracts between partners and shareholders, incidentally knowing the business through and through. Therefore, in case of a dispute between the partners, for instance, one violating the contract or willing to sell the business altogether, it’s the task of the business attorney to resolve the issue in adherence to the integrity of the contract. This conflict resolution is a huge aspect of a business attorney’s job, and is one thing that’s greatly needed in the current social climate.