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Should I put part-time on my resume?

Should I put part-time on my resume?

Include part-time jobs on your resume if they prove that you have the experience required for the job you’re applying for. Even if a position isn’t directly related to the job you’re applying for, include it if you gained transferable skills that you can use in the new job.

How do you make a part-time job look good on a resume?

Here are three tips to help you make the absolute most of those part-time gigs on your resume….How to Make Your Part-Time Job Skills Shine on a Resume

  1. Find Similarities You Can Emphasize.
  2. Remember That Results Speak Volumes.
  3. Demonstrate Your Passion and Excitement.

What kind of job can I get with 13 years of experience?

She’s been brushing up on her word processing and office skills, is willing to learn or be trained in new requirements, and is seeking a regular office job. Administrative support professional with a total of 13 years’ professional experience, including 4 years as a clerk in the U.S. Army Strong computer and office management skills

Can a temporary employee be treated less favourably than a permanent employee?

Treating fixed term employees no less favourably than their permanent counterparts A temporary employee (even if the reason for the temporary status is justified) may, after 3 months’ employment with the employer, not be treated less favourably than a comparable permanent employee, unless there is a justifiable reason for different treatment.

How long can you be in temporary employment in South Africa?

1. Temporary employment exceeding 3 months 1.1 Employment in terms of a fixed term contract (newly concluded or renewed) for longer than 3 months will be deemed to become permanent employment – with some exceptions (see below).

What kind of work experience do I have?

Our reader summarized her former work experience like this: 5 years as a secretary at one company; 8 years of general clerical experience at three previous employers (including 4 years in the U.S. Army); and part-time employment on and off in retail, because the hours were flexible.

How many hours do part time workers work?

The following analysis is based on data from the Current Population Survey (CPS), a monthly sample survey of approximately 60,000 households nationwide. The CPS defines “part-time workers” as those who usually work 0 to 34 hours a week. 4 The CPS interviewer asks a series of questions to determine people’s work hours.

How many people work part time for no reason?

In 2016, about 1 in 5 working women worked part time for noneconomic reasons. The proportion of employed men voluntarily working part time varied little over much of the last two decades.

How old do you have to be to work part time?

Voluntary part-time workers by age and gender, 2016 annual averages (levels in thousands) Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey. By age, teenagers and older workers are more likely to choose part-time work than people of prime working age (25 to 54 years old).

Who is most likely to choose part time work?

By age, teenagers and older workers are more likely to choose part-time work than people of prime working age (25 to 54 years old). Employed teenagers have the highest voluntary part-time rates of any age group.