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Is there a workplace medical clinic in Ontario?

Is there a workplace medical clinic in Ontario?

Coast-to-Coast Support: Workplace Medical owns and operates seven Ontario-based clinics and has established partnerships with affiliated clinics in every Canadian province – providing seamless support to local and national clients. True Medical Advisors: We have over 20 physicians and 40 nurses on staff.

Who is workplace medical and what do they do?

From prevention and response to return-to-work services, we help organization make the most of their greatest asset – its employees. Today, Workplace Medical is the leading provider of occupational health service in Canada, delivering services to over 3,000 private and public organizations from coast to coast.

What kind of doctors work in urgent care?

Doctors with an MD degree practice allopathic, or conventional Western medicine. Smaller urgent care clinics may be able to get by with a just one full-time physician, while busier clinics may employ multiple full-time physicians.

Can a nurse practitioner work in an urgent care clinic?

In fact, 59% of urgent care clinics use either nurse practitioners or physician assistants to support their physicians. Although these providers are not doctors, they can provide many of the same services, such as diagnosing patients and writing prescriptions. What is a physician assistant?

Is your employer worksite medical clinic a group health?

There also are a variety of legal considerations applicable when employers provide medical care at the worksite – particularly if the arrangement constitutes an employer group health plan. An employer group health plan is an arrangement established by an employer to provide or pay for medical care – something all worksite clinics do.

How many worksite clinics are there in the US?

Worksite clinics focused on occupational health* are still slightly more prevalent (38%), but not growing as fast as those offering general medical services. While just 16% of organizations with 500-4,999 employees currently provide a general medical clinic, another 8% say they will add one by 2019.

What does it mean to work in an outpatient clinic?

Working in an outpatient clinic requires focusing on specific aspects of the medical field (e.g. gynecology, dermatology, chiropractic). These businesses might be run by a primary physician or comprised of multiple doctors, which is known as a “group practice.”

Can a clinic be managed by an employer?

An employer can operate the center itself, hiring the staff as its own employees. About 18-30% of clinics are managed solely by the employer. However, most employers don’t want to take on the many compliance, staffing and management tasks so they contract for these services.