Is the work permit still waiting for processing?

Is the work permit still waiting for processing?

Driving license is expiring, but work permit is still waiting for processing. I have a problem and need a help with it. I graduated from University of Alberta last month and I was hired by a company now.

When to apply for work permit after visa expires?

My VISA has expired but Work Permit is still valid until June 14, 2017. I recently applied for Bridging Open Work Permit on May 18, 2017. I want to know if I should I apply for VISA right now or later? Also, if I should apply for it how should I proceed with the application? All suggestions are welcomed and will be helpful.

Can a post graduation work permit be extended?

Yes they will extend your Post Graduation Work Permit for the remaining period that you weren’t assigned only because your passport was expiring before that.

When is my driving license expiring at CIC?

My driving license is expiring on October 31st, but I need at least 40 days to get my post graduation work permit. The work permit is still on processing at CIC. Anybody knows if I can extend my driving license? And how to extend it. Gonna need it to work. I will really appreciate your help. A worried international student. Category……..

What happens when your work permit expires in Canada?

If you do this, you can stay in Canada until you get further instructions, but you must stop working until you receive your restored work permit. There is no guarantee that your application will be approved. Otherwise, you must leave Canada right away when your work permit expires.

Can a expired work permit be used for reverification?

In certain instances, an expired work permit can satisfy the reverification requirement, such as if you have Temporary Protected Status (“TPS”) and your status has been extended by the U.S. government.

When to apply for an extension of your work permit?

If you have a work permit that expires, you should always apply for an extension of your work permit at least 90 days before it expires. This is because immigration may take a long time to renew it.

When do you have to impose conditions on a work permit?

In the processing of work permits, there are specific situations when imposing these conditions is mandatory. The authorized period of stay may be longer than the authorized period of work [R185 (a) and R185 (b) (iv)].