Is the child support office in Riverside closed?

Is the child support office in Riverside closed?

After careful thought and deliberation, and in consultation with Riverside County Public Health officials, Riverside County Child Support Services will close our lobbies to the public until further notice . With the evolving COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation, our offices are Flattening the Curve in alliance with Riverside County measures.

How to contact Child Support Services in California?

Customer Connect is California Child Support’s online self-service portal, where you can see information about your child support case, set up notifications, and make or arrange appointments with a child support specialist. You can log in into your Customer Connect account and communicate directly with your caseworker for assistance.

Who is Paola Castro from Riverside County Superior Court?

Our Special Guest today is Paola Castro, Lead Deputy Child Support Attorney, IV-S, and Family Law Facilitators, from the Riverside County Superior Court. The focus of this podcast is timeshare and custody.

When does child support services stop in California?

California Child Support Services is now temporarily stopping the automatic placement of bank liens and suspension of drivers’ licenses, effective on March 17, 2020. Please note there may be instances where actions were already in the process and you will need to contact the agency handling your case.

Who can apply for IV-D Child Support Services?

Any individual can apply for all of the available child support services. This application is used to process support under the Title IV-D Child Support Program, funded through the Federal and State governments and managed in New Jersey by

Who is eligibility for child support services?

WHO IS ELIGIBILITY FOR CHILD SUPPORT SERVICES. Any parent or non-parent caregiver acting as guardian of at least one child under the age of 21 is eligible to apply for child support services.

What is the phone number for child support services?

To contact Child Support Services during regular business days, call the Child Support Call Center (CSCC) toll free at 1-888-757-2445 (TTY 1-888-688-1666). A child support representative can discuss how to apply for services, support services in general, or answer questions about an existing child support case.

What is the number for Child Protective Services?

Child Protective Services is a blend of state and federal statutes and best practices for families. Reports must be made to the toll-free Hot Line at 1-800-352-6513.