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Is it hard to get disability after back surgery?

Is it hard to get disability after back surgery?

While the Social Security Administration (SSA) doesn’t recognize back surgery specifically as something that will get you a grant of automatic disability benefits, the pain caused by your surgery and your underlying back problems may be enough to get you SSDI or SSI disability benefits if you are unable to work.

Do you have to be on disability for back surgery?

Meeting a Disability Listing. There is no specific disability listing for back surgery or spinal fusion, but if the surgery did not correct your impairmentsyou might meet the requirements of a listing based on the ailments or impairments that led you to needing back surgery or spinal fusion.

Can a veteran get a disability for back pain?

Today, because of the Federal Circuits decision, veterans may receive disability benefits that began during their military service even without an actual diagnosis. This decision has helped a number of veterans get benefits or even increase their rating for a back disability. What are VA benefits for back pain?

What kind of back injury can you get disability for?

To get disability benefits, you must have a “medically determinable” back impairment such as spinal stenosis, nerve root compression, herniated disc (if it’s chronic and not treatable), or arachnoiditis.

Can a veteran get a disability if they had surgery?

Veterans may be able to get disability benefits if they’ve had surgery or received other treatment at a VA hospital, approved hospital, or outpatient center for a disability related to their military service. If veterans had surgery, both of these must be true to receive benefits:

Is back pain a disability?

Chronic back pain is the most common disability application the Social Security Administration ( SSA ) deals with each day. In fact, statistics reveal that back pain is a leading cause for someone to miss work, and bone degeneration is the primary disability for people under forty-five years old.

Is Back fusion a disability?

Back surgeries have risks, including infection, damage to the spinal nerve, instability of the spine, and degeneration. In order to be eligible to receive disability benefits for spinal fusion, your back condition needs to meet one of the disability listings in the Social Security Administration ( SSA ) medical guide.

How does Social Security view disability claims for back pain?

How Social Security Evaluates the Severity of Your Back Pain. Social Security sees many, many disability claims for back pain, but only approves a few of the most severe cases; Social Security expects most others to be able to work through their back pain. So Social Security’s job is to determine which claims for back pain are the most serious.

What is the disability rating for spinal stenosis?

So, spinal disabilities focus on the lack of mobility or range of motion. Technically, the highest VA rating for a thoracolumbar spinal disability is 50 percent. Because of that, qualifying for a 50 percent rating for a thoracolumbar spine disability is very difficult.