Is a foreign divorce valid in Florida?

Is a foreign divorce valid in Florida?

It has long been held that Florida courts will not recognize a foreign nation’s divorce decree unless at least one of the spouses was a good faith domiciliary of the foreign nation at the time the decree was rendered.

Does Florida recognize foreign marriages?

Foreign marriages are generally recognised under the doctrine of comity. However, Florida will refuse to recognise marriages that are considered to be in violation of Florida’s public policy.

How long do you have to be a resident in Florida to get a divorce?

six months
Under Florida Statute 61.021, before filing for a divorce in Florida, one of the spouses needs to have been a resident of the state for at least six months. If you do not meet the Florida residency requirement, the court cannot have jurisdiction over your case and cannot make any judgment.

How long do you have to live in Florida before filing for divorce?

Florida requires at least one spouse to be a resident for at least six months immediately preceding the filing of the divorce. Establishing residency is typically a straightforward process that is easily accomplished.

Can You divorce a spouse who lives in a foreign country?

It is entirely possible to divorce a spouse who lives in a foreign country, though you might have difficulty if you want child custody or alimony as part of the divorce. Identify if your spouse is in the military.

What do I need to file for divorce while living abroad?

First, you’ll need to file a petition (paperwork) for divorce in your local court, and make sure you meet state and local residency requirements. You’ll also need to have a copy of the divorce petition and a summons “served” (meaning personally delivered) on your spouse, unless your spouse agrees to waive (forgo) the process requirements.

Can you get a divorce if you live outside the US?

A court in your country might be able to issue a valid divorce decree. However, it might not have power to decide child custody when the children are living in the U.S. Unless you are getting an uncontested divorce with few assets, you should seriously think about hiring the lawyer to represent you.

Is there an attorney that specializes in international divorce?

Our Attorneys Can Help. Divorce is never easy, but for couples going through an international divorce, the process is even more complicated. The laws regarding divorce, property division, child custody, and support in the United States are not the same as the laws in other countries, which makes these divorces difficult.

Who is the best international divorce lawyer in Florida?

International Divorce Lawyer South Florida | International Family Law Attorney Florida. S.G. Morrow is an expert international divorce lawyer for international family law issues. We provide the best counsel to our clients for international divorce, and any international family law concerns.

Can a foreign national get a divorce in Florida?

It simply means you have been residing in Florida for at least six months regardless of your immigration status. Many foreign nationals who reside in Florida fail to pursue a divorce in the United States under the erroneous belief that they do not have the option to do so.

How does divorce work in a foreign country?

Divorce Abroad. Divorce is when one or both partners in a legal marriage seek the legal dissolution of that marriage. An order of divorce is usually, but not always, issued by a court and legally terminates a marriage. In many countries, it is typical, and sometimes required, that a divorce order resolves all issues arising out of the marriage,…

How to file for divorce in the state of Florida?

In order to file a divorce in the state of Florida, one of the parties must have lived in Florida at least six months prior to the filing of the Dissolution of Marriage. However, the six-month requirement does not apply to actual residents of the State of Florida who have been living abroad.