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Internet safety for kids: Parents Should Follow These 7 Rules

Children used to be very thrill about the online services to surf for the shopping websites, movies, songs, and many more things. On the one hand, they learn many amazing things through the internet, but on the other hand, many things are there on the internet which could be harmful to them. Like earlier in the United States, around 172 millions of Americans which comprises of around 54 % population visited a website which infected their computer with a virus. And the report has specified that a majority of them were teenagers and children.

And many other cases like phishing of personal information or spyware, malware has taken place. And all this generally happens due to unawareness of the children. That’s why the parents should take care of their kid who indirectly connects to the evil digital world. This is the reason that Today I am going to guide you about Internet safety for kids. So, you can prevent yourself from this kind of incidents. So here let’s take a look at it.

Understanding the Rules of Internet Safety for Kids

So, these are the significant rules which you must follow for your as well as your child’s safety as well. So, let’s check these rules out.

#1 Don’t allow kids to browse alone

You must set a rule for your child that he/she must operate the device with the internet in the presence of a vice adult only. So the adult person could make sure that the child doesn’t browse unstable content online. And can also keep a watch on the child’s online activity, so that the safety could be there.

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#2. Give digital world lessons

You must teach your kids that clicking on pop-ups or ads could result in malware or can lead to the virus being downloaded in your device. Also, it could be an online scam to gather any personal details of the user. Many E-newsletters are there which demands the user’s personal information, and it could be harmful to children to provide with there personal information online. That’s why, it is essential to teach your kids not to click on such suspicious E-mails, pop-ups, ads, and E-newsletters.

#3. Use strong password

, guide your kids to use a strong password and why they should never share your password with anyone. And also tell them that they should use any strong password which they could remember easily but is tough for others to guess. The password should be of at least eight characters which include at least 1 number, one special character, one lower case letter, and one upper case letter; then it will become tough to guess.

#4. Don’t share personal details or images or details over SMS or messages

You must teach your kids that they should never share their personal information with anyone. They must keep their address, phone number, personal E-mail, parent’s working address or any other detail personnel. The child should not share it without the permission of their parents.

TiSpy can help your kids in tracking & monitoring whatsapp, Facebook, Hike or any other chatting platform to prevent sharing personal details.

#5. Don’t shop online without asking the parents

Children should not be allowed to buy online without asking their parents. They could mistakenly enter the credit or debit card details on any unsecured website which could lead to any scam as well.

#6. Monitor kid’s digital activity

You should teach your kid that once you post anything on the internet, it will not be deleted. Therefore they should be careful about what they are posting. And if you ask me, you can use different kinds of parental control software such as tispy.net to monitor the activities of your kids in the cell phone. So, you could have a complete watch on your kids as well.

#7. Set screen time rule

You must configure a specific time for your kids in which they can use the internet only. No matter if it is the educational purpose or for the entertainment, it is better to limit the internet time for your kids. You can set the time limit with the mutual consent of your kids as well.


Cyber safety for your kids is critical. And you must not take it lightly; rather it is a very serious thing which you must keep the focus on. You must also make sure that your kids do not interact with unknown people on social media as well. So, be serious for this and keep a look at the safety of your kids.

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