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Interactive whiteboards

During the 10 years that were last, planks that were wise have grown to be mainstays in K12 classes. Several teachers think this online whiteboard technology improves class understanding with emphasis and an increase of pupil wedding. Nevertheless, one of this technology’s disadvantages may be the price per execution, which may be tens and thousands of bucks per installment. Luckily, nowadays you will find more affordable options that provide capabilities that are comparable. In some instances, these alternatives provide distinctive benefits over current panel engineering that is wise. Budget conscious decision makers must assess alternatives that are all available before continue having a purchase.


  • WISE Forums
  • Promethean whiteboards
  • Apple TV/iPad mixture with Airplay
  • Record Cameras
  • Chrome book with Chrome cast

What is an active whiteboard?

An active whiteboard (IWB), as described by Wikipedia, is “a big fun show that links to some pc. The pc is pc tasks onto the area of the panel wherever customers manage the computer utilizing hand a pencil, stylus. The panel is usually installed to some ground or wall stand.” Two of IWBs’ largest producers are Promethean and WISE Systems.

Purchase factors:

For investing in a WISE Panel, a vital choice qualification must concentrate on Trade collection and the WISE Laptop. Several lecturers appreciate while some whine the assets obtainable in the Trade collection are of adjustable quality building classes utilizing the WISE Laptop. There might be a high learning curve related to these programs, which might need professional advancement instruction that is costly. It is additionally very important to observe that several WISE IWBs are not cellular.

Promethean Forums:

Promethean provides a selection of active whiteboard methods. Promethean, like WISE Panel, has taken a sizable proportion of the K12 active whiteboard marketplace. Promethean functions include:

Key Spotlight:

Promethean offers active Inspire application, which assists lecturers produce classes, which make utilization of the panel capabilities. Additionally, lecturers have access 1000+ assets on Promethean World, to 90, that offer help building classes to lecturers. Lastly, ActivOffice is just a plug in for PowerPoint that allows customers include collaborative options that come with ActivInspire within PowerPoint to produce two-way displays.

Purchase factors:

Once more, for investing in a Promethean Panel a vital choice qualification must concentrate on accessible assets and the associated application. Like WISE Panel, the application could need costly professional advancement instruction and could be a problem to understand. Lastly, it is additionally very important to observe that these IWBs are not especially cellular.

Applet iPad/Mac:

The important thing function within this execution is called Airplay. The consumer wirelessly supply information is let by airplay on an iOS (e.g. IPad)/Mac to some HDTV and loudspeakers via Apple TV, or reflection precisely what is about the iPad/pc show towards the silver screen. Lecturers can very quickly show actions records and procedures to issues by wirelessly streaming mirroring to some HDTV from a Mac or IOS gadget. This engineering can be used to provide press, such as for instance images sound and movie. Additionally, applications can duplicate many “smart panel software” which changes the iPad today within the Apple Appstore.

Functions include:

  • HD TV widescreen of promises and numerous dimensions
  • Apple TV
  • iPad(s), Mac pc(s)
  • Use of application that is iPad

Key Spotlight:

Using instant iPad startup and the Apple TV, a does not have to be during class training at the front end of the class. Among programs, since an iPad is simple to make use of, lecturers can very quickly toggle in the same period. Pupils who have iPads may also consider turns linking their iPads show additional fun actions and to reflection displays. Because utilizing an IOS system is accustomed to lecturers and many pupils, there is a comparatively easier curve when presenting this engineering in to the class.

Purchase factors:

An Apple TV, coupled with an iPad, could possibly offer versatility and comparable, or even exceptional, capabilities when comparing to a conventional wise panel in a relatively less expensive. This execution enables elevated pupil and can be scalable /instructor flexibility in accordance with WISE Panels. The appstore provides several helpful efficiency, academic and cooperation programs.

Record Cameras:

Doc camcorders, also called visible speakers, electronic expenses, or docucams, are picture capture products that show a(s) to an audience. A record camera project and may amplify actual’s pictures, three-dimensional items, in addition to transparencies. Doc projectors are recognized whilst the present day equal to the projector that was standard. Doc projectors that were Today’s can very quickly be connected to some DLP projector via a pc or straight. With academic application, doc projectors aren’t supported unlike the prior options defined.

Key Spotlight:

Ease: Doc readers are easy run within the class and to put up.

Purchase factors:

Doc tasks are easy and cheap to use. Whilst they lack application like the additional options, they are able to quickly be combined with pcs or many notebooks. As a result, Docucams provide a persuasive, cost effective option to active whiteboards that are more costly.


Item information:

There is just a Chromebook a PC operating Chrome OS as its operating system. The products are made to be properly used mainly while attached to the Web, with information and many programs living ” such As within the cloud.” Chromebooks are fairly cheap.

Key Spotlight:

Chromebooks are easy handle and to startup. Therefore, the training curve necessary for this product is minimum.

A Chrome cast is just an USB measured media-streaming gadget that attaches on the Television in to the HDMI interface. Like the Apple TV, press can be sent and much more by the Chromecast to some Television, utilizing pills a smartphone or notebook.

Notice: along with a Chromebook, any laptop (Macintosh or Computer) may flow to Chromecast gadget using an Opera visitor.

Key Spotlight:

Chromecast enables pupils and lecturers from Opera internet browser straight to flow. Thus, lecturers can very quickly reflect/flow visitor centered press and programs to some Television that is linked.

Essential: Lecturers and college directors have talked issues regarding pupils linking their smartphones (IOS or Android) to some Chromecast without authorization. This problem may be worth checking until changes that are Google the Chromecast application with convenience/protection settings that are extra.


While analyzing the different active whiteboards, it is very important to notice that a change does not be guaranteed by choosing one of these simple choices. Also frequently, colleges buy interactive whiteboards only and costly WISE to realize that these resources did not eventually change how pupils involved.

In the place of market active learning via elevated pupil conversation using the wise planks, lecturers merely duplicated training techniques related to chalk conventional projectors or dry erase markers. The amazing character of those IWB systems more complicates this problem. A substantial curve is required by several active whiteboards. Obviously, buying training more growing the sum total price of ownership can alleviates this problem.

Alternately, we anticipate the introduction of reflecting systems and instant loading may progressively contend to get a share of the marketplace. This technology, as confirmed by both Apple Airplay function and Bing Chromecast, whilst not just cost effective, might end up being an understanding technology that is superior. Cooperation application advancements for these systems continue to be within their childhood and we anticipate this capability may continue steadily to develop. Additionally, many lecturers and do not require substantial instruction and pupils possess a knowledge of these systems. Additionally, anticipate comparable item designs to be offered by Microsoft within the not too distant future.