How to report an employer who hires an illegal immigrant?

How to report an employer who hires an illegal immigrant?

In most cases, the report you complete is forwarded to an investigative party who will handle the situation. The easiest way to report illegal immigrant hiring is by visiting After you reach the website, you will be able to find the form referred to as “Employment/Exploitation of Unlawful Workers.”

What happens if you suspect employer of illegal activity?

Employees suspecting employers of illegal activity can risk being implicated in criminal acts if illegal activities are discovered; you could be accused by a co-worker or boss in their attempts to avoid arrest or termination. Don’t tolerate threats or coercion at work.

How to anonymously report employers hiring…-work?

With so many illegal immigrants in the country, it’s no surprise that some companies will hire undocumented workers. But if your company is employing undocumented workers, you don’t need to be complicit. You can report a company employing undocumented workers anonymously to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Why is it important to report illegal practices at work?

Leaving and reporting an employer engaging in illegal practices protects your safety and integrity. Illegal activity involving your employer’s business associates can be difficult to prove, but heeding your gut instincts is a good way to avoid being implicated or involved in criminal activities at work.

How to anonymously report employers hiring undocumented immigrants?

If you want, you can provide your name and contact information when making a tip, but you can remain anonymous if you prefer. To report suspected criminal activity that goes beyond the hiring of undocumented immigrants, fill out the Homeland Security Investigations form on the ICE website.

What to do if an employer hires an illegal immigrant?

Leave the investigation to ICE. All you need to do is gather as much information as possible and report the potential violation to the federal government. Decide if you want to report anonymously. You have the ability to withhold your name when you report the violation.

What are the penalties for hiring illegal immigrants?

The minimum penalty for a first-time offense is $375 per worker. However, if the company or individual engages in a “pattern or practice” of hiring unlawful workers, then the penalties increase up to $3,000 for each unlawful worker. The employer may also face six months in jail. [2] You can report both companies and individuals to ICE.