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How to order highlights for children magazine subscription?

How to order highlights for children magazine subscription?

Click on the Order Info buttons above to view the most up-to-date prices and information. Or order publisher direct at Highlights for Children

How to choose the best subscription payment service?

Connect with credit card companies, making it easy to accept online payments. The provider handles all aspects of electronic payments—security, processing, and depositing the funds. Work on top of payment gateways and ensure the right accounts are charged correctly each month.

How do I pay my DStv subscription by debit order?

When you set up a debit order for your DStv account, you give MultiChoice permission to collect your DStv subscription amount from your bank account each month. Paying your monthly DStv subscription via debit order is one of the most convenient ways to pay your DStv account.

What’s the difference between subscription and one time payments?

Operating a one-time payment model requires constantly attracting new customers in order to earn revenue. One-time payments also increase the difficulty of calculating how much revenue you’ll earn each month. Subscription payments, on the other hand, offer you predictable income—customers make payments on a regular basis.

How much is an issue of Highlights Magazine?

Highlights is the perfect magazine for children who enjoy games and puzzles, as well as for those who are interested in learning more about the world around them. A subscription to the print version of Highlights also includes digital access. Cover price is $4.95 an issue, current renewal rate is 12 issues for $39.99.

How can I renew my highlights magazine subscription?

Renewals can be automatically added to your existing Highlights subscription to ensure uninterrupted service. Once your order is processed, your subscription will be added to the publisher’s next production cycle.

Where do I find my customer number on highlights?

In your account, you can manage your profile and track previous orders. To place a new order, simply visit (there’s no need to log in first!). A customer number for the recipient is highlighted in yellow as shown here.

How much does it cost for a recipe subscription?

Subscribers can choose the two-person plan, which includes two or three recipes per week and starts at $9.99 per serving, or the family plan, which includes between two and four recipes per week and starts at $8.99 per serving. NOTE: The more recipes included in the plan, the higher the plan price will be.