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How to Make Report

The information mentioned below provides some general facts concerning the structure of the whole paper.

Since there exist a lot of various report types you may be expected to compose, the given article provides only general information concerning the standard reports’ structure.

Check with your instructor concerning some specific contents of all reports you have to compose.

Why compose a report paper?

The report offers well-organized and clear information concerning the situation under consideration.

These data can be produced on the basis of experience, process of reading, procedure of research, dimensions carried out on site or in laboratory.

Learning about your readers is able to define what context you have to offer together with the choice of special vocabulary in your report writing university.

Introductory Part

  • The introductory part offers the report’s summary.
  • Depict objectives and goals clearly, alongside with the context of a situation.
  • If appropriate, point out the limitations of the process of examination.
  • In case of necessity, offer a short historical background of important activities making ready for the current examination.
  • In case the context’s explanation is long enough, it may be useful to turn it into a separate section, calling it Definition, Background, or Key Terms.
  • In case you are expected to offer an analysis of the current research, create a single part with the title “Review of Literature.”
  • Apply the present tense to make explanations concerning your goals together with problems.
  • Apply the past tense in order to depict events, which have taken place when providing background information, even in report writing online.


  • You will have to add the description of equipment and materials used if it is a technical report.
  • Apply the past tense since the research events tend to be finished.
  • Pick up an impersonal structure of sentence. For instance, 35 students were chosen randomly in order to form he test group.

Data and Results

  • Introduce information logically.
  • It is possible to apply tables or pie charts in order to show the results. As usual, these are known as figures in the paper. Be sure that every one of these will be numbered and labelled in chain order. Assure yourself that all figures are numbered in a consecutive way.
  • In case you possess a big number of empirical results, add them to the appendices.

The process of analysis and section of discussion

  • The given part makes an explanation and argues concerning the interpretation of facts in the document.
  • Apply the present tense in order to make a discussion regarding the whole situation. Ask your instructor whether it is necessary to accept an impersonal or personal tone.
  • Remember that you can always buy reports for college in case you have met some obstacles on the way of a successful completion of this assignment.


  • The given part resembles a conclusion – it offers the goal of the paper, the steps through which it has improved, and its opinion together with overall findings.
  • One should not add any new material here.


Assure yourself that the paper has a list of references.

  • They mean that you have conducted research.
  • It shows that you use someone else’s research in order to back up your personal findings and ideas.
  • It shows what exactly sources you have cited to from someone else’s research as distinct from your own research.
  • Add only those references and sources that you have applied in the paper.

When you do not have enough time to complete the paper or report on your own, try to find some alternative options. For instance, it is possible to order credit report online.