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How to Keep Mac Computer Clean?

Is your Mac computer or laptop filled with cluttered files internally and dirt on the outside? If you are finding it difficult then, it is time that you take out a few hours to look into this matter for future ease. Once you know how to clean your computer, then it will be convenient for you to use it anywhere whether at school or work. It obvious that dirty Mac would not be needed by you but instead of selling it, it is better to maintain it so that you do not reach the point of selling it.

Even if you want to sell it, then you will need to clean it to get the good price out of it. Mac needs to be cleaned to run smoother with the users. You can learn the cleaning of mouse, keyboard, and screen here through computer vacuum. Along with that, you can also keep the cluttered files into a wireless external hard drive for Mac to keep the data safe and out of the computer.

Cleaning of Software

So before you get started with the external cleaning of Mac, it is better to back up your files by the wireless external hard drive for Mac. Figure out all the data which you do not require in the laptop or computer and transfer it to the wireless hard drive. There are many things on the computer like extra pictures, files, music files and much more.

Get the large storage external hard drive and clean the software of the computer by shifting the files which you do not use anymore but want to keep them for future. Also, delete the applications from the system which you do not require so that the storage can be light within the Mac system. Take out all the extra software which you do not require or do not use anymore. Delete any data related to Safari and also clean up the history or cache which is there.

Cleaning the Keyboard

As we use the computers regularly, there can be different types of bacteria or germs on the keyboard which are unseen. The keyboard may look clean to you, but it is very dirty if you look through the microscope, you will be scared. According to the research, there are 400 times more germs on the keyboard than the toilet seat. How surprising is that!

So as a start, make sure to unplug the keyboard from the computer or if you are cleaning the laptop keyboard then shut off the laptop entirely. Make sure that the computer is switched off completely from the main as well. If there are batteries in your keyboard (wireless), then remove those batteries as well. Now turn it upside down and shake the keyboard. It will take out all the dirt or dust in it. Now it is the time to use the computer vacuum so that it can suck any dirt which is attached within the keys. If you wish to use the microfiber cloth, then do it afterward to wipe on the keys of the board.

For detailed cleaning, you can also separate the keys from the keyboard and computer vacuum it thoroughly. However, for that, you need to have proper guidance so make sure you know how to attach them back without breaking its hook. Blow away any dirt or dust which may be on the keyboard and after it is all dried then connect it to the computer or turn on the laptop again. You will have to wait for about 20 minutes before you use the computer again after cleaning the keyboard.

Cleaning Mac Mouse

As we know that there is a pad on the laptop for the mouse however some people like to use the external mouse as well. If you have the external mouse, then make sure that it is unplugged from the main device. For the laptop, you need to turn it off completely before cleaning. There can be germs on the external mouse more than the one on the laptop because it is kept at different places.

Start by cleaning the top of the mouse through a damp cloth. Make sure that you do not snap it as it is sensitive. Use microfiber cloth so that there is no damage to the mouse. Next, take out the computer vacuum and blow it on the mouse. It will dry off the dampness and also take out the dust from it. Let it sit for about 10 minutes before you use the laptop or external mouse again.

Clean the Inside of Mac Computer/Laptop

You do not have to disassemble the laptop or computer while cleaning the inside. You can simply do it through flipping the laptop upside down and blow the computer vacuum on the fan side. Make sure that the computer is turned off and it is not heated. Mostly you would hear the sound of the fan loud after a long usage of your computer. It is because there is dust stuck inside which is making it hard to revolved and provide air.

It is time to clean it when you hear it from the computer. The CPU of the computer has the fan at the back so unplug all the wires and then blow the air directly inside through the fan holes. Whereas, for the laptop, you have to do it from the little spot where the fan is located. If you want to clean it completely from the inside, then make sure you learn how to assemble the computer or laptop after cleaning it.

You do not need experts to do the cleaning for you as you can learn to do it yourself. When you have the right equipment to clean the computer internally and externally then there is nothing to worry. The procedures are quite simple along with being careful as the devices are sensitive and keep a lot of data in it which is important to you.