How to invite a Cuban friend to Canada?

How to invite a Cuban friend to Canada?

In both cases, charges are 224.00 CAD. The Cuban Consulate will send the Letter to Cuba. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba will receive the document and legalize it before sending it to Consultoría Juridica Internacional, the institution that will then contact the invited person to continue the process.

How to apply for a visitor visa to Cuba?

How to Apply for a Temporary Resident (Visitor) Visa: You must submit the following: Official Application form and Havana Supplementary form fully completed. A valid passport or travel document. Old passports bearing proof of previous travel abroad, if applicable.

What happens if you enter Cuba without permission?

Entering Cuban territory, territorial waters, or airspace without prior authorization from the Cuban government may result in arrest. Immigration violators are subject to prison terms ranging from four to thirty years.

Can a Cuban university professor travel to Canada?

Cubans who are travelling on official business of their organization (i.e., a university professor attending a conference in Canada) tend to have much less difficulty. On the Cuban end, they do have to complete no small amount of paperwork and obtain an exit visa.

Can a Cuban friend visit Canada from Cuba?

When inviting a Cuban friend to visit Canada, the problem typically is not with Cuba’s bureaucracy, but rather with the immigration departments of other countries. Canada’s Immigration Dept., for example, often seems to think that all Cubans want to “defect.”

How can I prove I am a Cuban citizen?

Citizenship Letter (Carta de Ciudadanía). A Cuban consular certificate documenting an individual’s birth outside of Cuba to at least one Cuban parent is not sufficient evidence to establish Cuban citizenship. This is true even if the consular certificate states that the individual to whom the certificate was issued is a Cuban citizen.

What do I need to apply for a Cuban green card?

You merit the favorable exercise of USCIS’ discretion. If you are a principal applicant, you must submit evidence of being a Cuban native or citizen. A Cuban birth certificate issued by the appropriate civil registry in Cuba. Citizenship Letter (Carta de Ciudadanía).

When to apply for a Cuban visa in Canada?

Applying for a Temporary Resident Visa It is recommended that Cubans visiting Canada complete and submit their visa application at least 21 days before their scheduled departure date. Although a visa can typically be processed in 1 to 3 weeks, it can sometimes be delayed for various reasons.