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How to deal with a verbally abusive co-worker?

How to deal with a verbally abusive co-worker?

The best way to deal with a verbally abusive co-worker is having a talk with your boss about the issue. Let your boss know how a co-worker’s verbal harassing is badly affecting your job performance.

Can You claim for verbal and physical abuse at work?

If you were subjected to verbal or physical abuse at work, you may also be able to claim compensation for the pain and distress you were caused as a result of the incident from your employer if it can be found that not enough was done to keep you safe from harm and injury whilst in their employment.

Why does my coworker Abuse Me at work?

Abuse is about controlling others, so it’s possible the abuser is lashing out at work because of his lack of control in his personal life. This is no reason to excuse or ignore the abuse, but it might help you feel some sympathy and control your anger when you confront him.

Is it OK to verbally abuse someone in the office?

Verbal abuse is not acceptable behavior in the office or anywhere else. Verbal abuse is just another form of bullying. It can be as painful as physical abuse but it doesn’t leave scars that people can see. Verbal abuse creates an uncomfortable and unpleasant work environment.

When is verbal abuse considered harassment in the workplace?

This form of verbal abuse is considered harassment if it is frequent and severe, creates a hostile work environment or results in an employment decision that harms the victim employee.

Is it illegal to abuse a coworker in the workplace?

Verbal abuse that qualifies as harassment is a form of discrimination and is illegal, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC.

Can a company protect you from verbal abuse?

The company may feel the superior is more important and try to protect them even when they are in the wrong. Sometimes the only answer to verbal abuse in the workplace, unfortunately, is finding a new job or transferring away from that person.