How to contact the federal employee compensation program?

How to contact the federal employee compensation program?

Injured workers and their representatives may access information regarding case status and wage loss compensation payments by contacting the Federal Employees Program. Injured workers should have their 9-digit case file or claim number and social security number when calling.

Can a federal employee recredit their sick leave?

An employee who has a break in service and returns to work for the Federal Government is entitled to the recredit of his or her sick leave, regardless of the length of the break in service.

What kind of Doctor is an occupational medicine physician?

As a sub-specialty under the Board of Preventive Medicine, Occupational Medicine Physicians are specialists in the field of workplace injuries and illnesses and their causal associations. They also specialize in addressing fitness for duty relevant to the employee’s work environment.

Who is the second opinion doctor for OWCP?

Second Opinion Examinations are generally conducted by a physician selected by a medical referral group that has contracted with the OWCP to provide second opinion medical referrals. The methods for selecting second opinion physicians are more flexible, since a strict rotation of physicians is required for this type of examination.

Are there any doctors that treat federal workers?

Unfortunately, though, too many federal workers are injured every year and too few of them see a doctor that actually knows what he or she is doing when it comes to treating a Federal Workers Compensation injury. Treating nurses, maintenance staff, and other employees at the Dept. of Veterans Affairs.

What kind of Doctor do I need for Dol?

We exist to help connect federal employees with excellent, experienced DOL doctors in the unfortunate even of an injury. The federal workers compensation doctors we work with will take your individualized needs into account, and they’ll skillfully work with the multiple people that will be involved in the process.

How to find a federal workers compensation Doctor?

As an injured federal employee, you might be able to find someone who can help you with one aspect of your claim, but to truly have confidence in the outcome, enlisting an expert federal workers compensation doctor will give you the most positive outcome so that you can get back to work.

Who are the Best Doctors for Dol OWCP?

Find Experienced DOL-OWCP Doctors in Your Area! If you work for the federal government, getting injured on the job may be the last thing on your mind. You might even think that it will never happen to you. We certainly hope that you never get hurt on the job.