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How to come up with a business promise?

How to come up with a business promise?

Take the checked items and make a short list of business attributes that are most assured, most compelling, most believable, and most consistent with the character of your company. Your final list of attributes provides the basis upon which to build your business promise. Following are a few more examples of brand promises to get you started:

What does it mean to have a brand promise?

It’s what those who come into contact with you or your business can count on you to consistently deliver. It’s the expectation that you live up to every time people experience your brand, whether online or in person, or through advertising, promotions, buying experiences, service encounters, or any other form of contact.

Which is the best example of a promise?

Geico’s “15 minutes or less can save you 15 percent” is a promise. Zappo’s “The best customer service possible” is a promise. Each one puts a company’s reputation on the line by pledging to live up to high expectations, or else. The promise becomes an internal rallying call for excellence and a magnet for new business.

Where does a brand promise need to be?

The brand promise usually lives within an organization’s documentation, such as a brand book. An organization should communicate the brand promise to anyone who will be doing work to further the brand; this includes all employees as well as external partners such as freelancers, service providers, and retailers.

How to make promises and keep your promises?

First, find out what your customers’ current experiencesare actually like. Map out customers’ key journeys – all the steps they take as they discover, evaluate, buy, receive, use, and get support for your company’s products and services. Look for customers’ pain points and for areas where your company meets (or exceeds) customers’ needs.

How is promise based management used in business?

Promise-Based Management uses the psychology of social discipline to create a business environment that gets things done. A major component of social discipline involves making firm commitments to deliver on one’s promises in a public space.

What happens if a brand promise is empty?

A brand exists in the minds of consumers. That’s it. Nowhere else. No matter how clever your brand messaging is, it can’t alter the brand. It can only raise awareness or reinforce existing perceptions. If consumers know a brand promise is empty, they’ll just scoff at the disconnect between the message and the actual customer experience.