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How to become a registered nurse in Colorado?

How to become a registered nurse in Colorado?

There a few different ways one can obtain licensure in the state of Colorado. One of the easy ways to gain licensure is through the NCLEX examination. Along with a passing score, you also need to provide verification of graduation from an approved pre-licensure RN nursing education program.

Where to go to nursing school in Colorado?

Pikes Peak Community College is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They offer an RN program and a dual enrollment RN to BSN program. Their RN program is unique in that students enrolled may exit with their LPN at a designated point in the program rather than continuing for the full program if they so choose.

What can you do with a BSN degree in Colorado?

BSN degree holders have options to earn an Advance Practice Register Nursing (APRN) degree and become a Nurse Practitioner (NP), or earn an advanced degree for a career in any number of nursing leadership roles such Nurse Educator or Clinical Nurse Specialist. The new healthcare reform is helping to transform the healthcare system across Colorado.

How much does a RN make in Colorado?

On average, an RN in Colorado makes more than $68,980. Bolder, CO has the highest annual wage followed closely by Denver and surrounding area. And Denver, by a very large percentage, has the largest number of employed nurses in Colorado. Hourly salary range is between $27.98 and $34.69.

How to become a school nurse in Colorado?

2021 School Nurse Orientation Registration is Now Open! See Professional Development page for more information. Community Resources Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment A variety of school nursing practices exist in Colorado: single school site, multiple school responsibilities, contracted services and nurse consultant models.

How to contact the Colorado Board of Nursing?

Board of Nursing | Skip to main content Visit “Where can I get vaccinated”or call 1-877-COVAXCO (1-877-268-2926) for vaccine information. Search Contact Us Menu Governor

Who are the staff of the State Board of Nursing?

Board staff oversee education, licensing, and enforcement of nurses, nurse aides, and licensed psychiatric technicians.The State Board of Nursing oversees more than 110,000 licensees.

Who are the members of the compact nursing States?

Nursing Compact States (eNLC Members) 1 Alabama 2 Arizona 3 Arkansas 4 Colorado 5 Delaware 6 Florida 7 Georgia 8 Idaho 9 Indiana 10 Iowa