How much money does San Diego school system make?

How much money does San Diego school system make?

The two-school system reported less than $18 million in total revenues last school year.

How much does Mueller School District pay for hazard pay?

Mueller’s executive director Maureen DeLuca told Voice of San Diego the payments went to “all staff who were forced to work remotely” this school year, including office staff, administrators and teachers, but not hourly or custodial staff. The payments cost a total of $110,000 and will be funded with federal CARES Act aid.

Are there bonuses for teachers in California schools?

Some California teachers and school staff are receiving bonuses, salary increases and stipends as part of union agreements with school district officials eager to reopen classrooms.

Where can I find PA school district payroll?

The SCHOOL PAYROLL database answers these questions, and more. It provides salary information for every professional employee in every one of Pennsylvania’s school districts and charter schools. You can also contact us for your school district’s contract with the labor union and the superintendent.

How much does a graduate school stipend cost?

Adjusted Stipend Rates for Non-standard Appointments Duration 15 hours/week (Standard) 7.5 hours 20 hours (Maximum) Academic Year (nine months) $28,654 $14,327 $38,205 One Semester $14,327 $7,164 $19,103 Half-Semester $7,164 $3,582 $9,551 One Month $3,184 $1,592 $4,245

Do you have to pay stipend for summer appointments?

[1] Weekly hours spent on summer appointments must comply with University Policy 1.3, and stipend rates must meet the Board of Trustees mandated minimum (nine-month) stipend rate, prorated for the number of weeks of the summer appointment.

How much does Chesterfield County public schools pay?

View Salaries. School District Of Chesterfield County. VA 2018 7273 $45,739. School District Of Chesterfield County. VA. 7,273. $45,739. View Salaries. School District Of Chesterfield County Public Schools.