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How long have you been in law enforcement in Florida?

How long have you been in law enforcement in Florida?

You received training in that discipline which is comparable to Florida’s full basic recruit curriculum or previously completed Florida’s full basic recruit training program and were certified in Florida. You have no more than an eight year break-in-service since your latest separation from a sworn position.

Can you get an exemption from basic training in Florida?

You may be eligible for an exemption from the full basic training requirements if you were a previously sworn Florida officer and meet the following requirements: You were fully certified as an officer in Florida.

How often can you break in service in Florida?

You have at least a four year break-in-service, but no more than an eight year break-in-service since your most recent separation from a sworn position in Florida.

Can a retired police officer shout before firing?

Retired officers may decide not to verbalize before firing, depending on the situation. If they verbalize before firing, retirees should be retrained to shout, “Retired Police Officer….”

How much is an exempt police officer paid?

Police management employees generally fight to remain non-exempt so that they are eligible for overtime pay, but once a position has been classified as exempt, it’s difficult to get it re-classified to hourly. To be considered an exempt employee, the employee must be paid at least $23,600 per year and perform mainly management/executive duties.

What’s the exemption for law enforcement in Florida?

The purpose of the exemption is to ensure the safety of these officers and their families by removing certain information relating to those individuals from the mandatory disclosure requirements of the Public Records Law, Chapter 119, Florida Statutes.[2]

When do law enforcement employees have to be paid?

Law enforcement employees must – with some exceptions – be paid for work activities that are performed before or after their work shift when those activities are an integral and indispensable part of the principal work activities for which the person is employed.

Can a police officer be exempt from overtime?

Not all sworn police employees are subject to these overtime rules. If an employee is classified as “exempt,” they are typically salaried and not eligible for overtime. Most of these are management/executive level employees.