How long does it take to get an answer from an unemployment appeal California?

How long does it take to get an answer from an unemployment appeal California?

In a written response, the EDD told ABC10 it is taking “approximately 4-6 weeks” for it to review appeals cases for potential redetermination and avoid further appeals.

How to file an appeal for unemployment in California?

For more information on how to prepare for your appeals hearing, review Office of Appeals Hearing Information (PDF) from the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. Note: If you live outside of California, your appeal will be conducted by phone.

How does the EDD process an unemployment appeal?

The Unemployment Appeal Hearing After your appeal is received, the EDD will review it to confirm whether you should have received benefits. If the EDD decides that you should have been granted benefits, you will receive a notice to that effect. Otherwise, the EDD will forward your appeal to the Office of Appeals.

What do you have to do to get unemployment in California?

To receive benefits, you must look for new work and accept a suitable job if you are offered one. (See Collecting Unemployment Benefits in California for more information on these eligibility requirements.) It doesn’t always make sense to appeal a denial of unemployment benefits.

How can I win an unemployment hearing if I lost my job?

If you lost your job and your initial unemployment claim was denied, you can appeal your case at an unemployment hearing. To win the hearing, you’ll need to convince the judge that you’re entitled to unemployment benefits according to the law in your state. When you get your denial, immediately write a letter to request a hearing.

How do you write an appeal for unemployment?

Use a basic business letter format if your state does not provide an appeal letter format. Set your text to the left margin of the paper. Start with the date. Skip a single line and type the unemployment department’s address.

What is the appeal process for unemployment?

Every state has a process you can use to appeal a denial of unemployment benefits. Usually, you have to file your appeal fairly quickly. State time limits range from ten to 30 days or so after the agency mails you notice that your claim has been denied.

What do you do when you are denied unemployment?

File an Appeal. If you’re denied unemployment, you have the right to appeal the decision. According to, a website that offers free legal aid, most states require you to appeal within 10 to 30 days of denial. Contact your local unemployment office for specific information on your state’s appeal process.

Can an employer deny unemployment?

Many unemployment claimants don’t realize they can’t receive unemployment benefits if they are fired from a job. Regulations vary by state, but if an employer can prove it fired you for reasons attributable to you, the state will deny your claim.