How is an employee theft investigation carried out?

How is an employee theft investigation carried out?

If an employee is caught by direct observation, the “investigation” should be straightforward. However, more often than not, an employee theft is suspected based upon indirect or circumstantial evidence, such as another employee report or in the results of an audit.

How to conduct an employee theft investigation Blackhawk?

Investigating a theft or potentially criminal wrongdoing will likely require a discrete workplace investigation which may also require the services of an external specialist experienced in the matter, as the company must observe specific employee and human rights legislation.

Which is the best software for employee theft investigation?

Some organizations choose to filter allegations by location, organization department or type of allegation. Investigation software solutions, including i-Sight, make it easier to control case assignment through built in process rules.

How to deal with an employee theft claim?

In the FindLaw article “ Handling Employee Theft Claims ,” they suggest that sometimes it’s best to leave the employee in their position and monitor their actions to confirm the fraud, whereas sometimes it’s best to immediately suspend the employee until a decision has been made.

What is employee theft policy?

Employee Theft Policy Template The purpose of this policy is to set the necessary guidelines for the actions that follow in a case of theft, attempted theft, and removal of the company, staff, employee, or consumer property. In the policy, theft is any misplacement or unauthorized transfer of information from a staff employee, or customer.

What is a theft investigation?

Theft Investigation. A theft investigation can take many forms, from simple instances of missing property to matters of international intrigue and espionage. Theft, in all its forms, is the most common criminal practice and the subject of more investigations than any other penal code charge.

What is internal theft?

Internal Theft. Internal theft is a term used when an employee steals merchandise, food, cash, or supplies while on the job. The 22nd Annual Retail Theft Survey conducted by Jack L. Hayes International reported 70,409 employee apprehensions for a total recovery of over $51 Million from 25 retailers in 2009.

What to do with an employee under investigation?

Decide what to do with an employee who is under investigation. You may leave the employee in place so that you can monitor the situation for continued theft. However, if the employee knows you are investigating, it may be best to suspend the employee until you can make a final determination in the case.

What to do when an employee is caught stealing?

“When a theft is detected, you must move quickly to investigate and discipline the employee. If an employee is caught by direct observation, the “investigation” should be straightforward.

What to do if you get caught stealing at work?

Damage control Consult an attorney. Before you sign anything, you should seek legal advice. Review your employee handbook. Make sure you read through your company’s employee handbook, where you will find information on theft, misconduct and the relevant disciplinary procedures. Talk to your manager. Admit to theft.

How do employees steal money?

First, unless proper accounting controls are in place, there are almost limitless ways to steal. Employees can use simple but effective means to steal, by simply pocketing cash payments, using company credit cards for personal purchases, or stealing checks and forging the authorized signature.

What do you need to know about theft in the workplace?

The exact nature of your investigation will depend on the manner of the crime. Tangible theft (e.g. stealing physical items) may require undertaking spot searches or keeping a closer eye on staff behaviour.

Can a company carry out an intangible theft investigation?

Intangible theft (e.g. intellectual property) can be harder to prove – however, as an employer you are legally permitted to carry out covert investigations if you have good reason to do so. You must make sure that you have a written policy in your company handbook which sets out the level of monitoring that will take place.

How to interview an employee suspected of theft?

* Ask open-ended questions rather than ones calling for simple yes or no answers. The more a person is allowed to talk, the greater the chances he or she will slip into inconsistencies. * Don’t detain a suspect against his or her will.

Is there confidentiality in a workplace investigation?

(I will caution that lately the National Labor Relations Board has said that confidentiality in workplace investigations has to be balanced with the employees’ rights to concerted workplace activity.) Testimony should be taken and considered before a final decision is made.

How are tips used to detect workplace fraud?

Tips are consistently and by far the most common detection method, according to McNeal. Over 40 percent of all cases in the report were detected by a tip, which is more than twice the rate of any other detection method. The majority of tips come from employees of the victim organization.

Why was I falsely accused at work CBS News?

In the response, issues of discrimination, whistle-blowing or any other illegal reasons why the discipline was issued can be raised. Otherwise, just list any evidence that rebuts the allegations.