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How does hearing loss affect a marriage?

How does hearing loss affect a marriage?

“Studies show that hearing loss produces feelings of frustration, embarrassment, and distress for the partner and for the relationship in general,” said two researchers who conducted a qualitative study of couples where one partner had hearing loss.

How can couples work together to support each other with hearing loss?

For couples to support one another, it’s recommended that partners take an active role in appointments with a hearing care professional. Sharing in these visits will give partners a better understanding of their significant other’s difficulties, and what can be done about them.

How will you communicate to an older client with hearing loss?

Polite ways to do so include stepping into their line of sight, calmly waving a hand in their direction or lightly tapping on their shoulder. Try not to startle the person, though. Eliminate as much background noise as possible, including music, television sound and other people’s conversations.

Is hearing loss the same as deafness?

It is important to distinguish between the different levels of hearing loss. Hearing loss: This is a reduced ability to hear sounds in the same way as other people. Deafness: This occurs when a person cannot understand speech through hearing, even when sound is amplified.

What type of hearing loss can be corrected medically or surgically?

Conductive hearing loss occurs when there is an obstruction or damage to the outer or middle ear that prevents sound from being conducted to the inner ear. Conductive hearing loss may be temporary or permanent, depending on the cause and sometimes, medical or surgical intervention can restore hearing.

What happens if your spouse has hearing loss?

The most common negative effect on spouses of people with hearing loss is frustration. Nearly seven in 10 reported that they become frustrated when their spouse is unable to hear them. 16 percent feel ignored and another eight percent said they become sad or hurt.

Who is to blame for a hearing loss relationship?

Neither partner is to blame for the complicated emotions that take place during this change in the relationship dynamic. Hearing loss requires adjustments to stresses and changes in the way problems and communication are dealt with between individuals.

Can a hearing aid lead to a divorce?

According to a survey by the British firm ― yes, they sell hearing aids and related products ― ongoing deafness can promote marital breakdown to the point of divorce. The site surveyed about 1,000 people over age 40 who had worsening hearing loss and found that 33 percent said it led to arguments with their spouse.

Can a person with hearing loss do domestic chores?

Almost half stated that their spouses don’t hear when asked to do domestic chores. At the same time, two in three reported that their spouses have no difficulty hearing when a snack is being prepared. The survey indicated that diagnosing and treating hearing loss in one spouse may benefit their marriage.

Can a spouse make assumptions about someone with hearing loss?

One spouse can begin making assumptions about the person with hearing loss, assigning them characteristics that seem purposefully angry and judgmental and uncooperative. Likewise the person with hearing loss can feel bullied and defensive about their condition, retreating even more into themselves and the silent barrier hearing loss creates.

Why is my husband’s hearing loss so bad?

Hubby is 63, has had about 75% hearing loss in his right ear due to an untreated infection many years ago. Now his left ear is getting bad–I find myself shouting at him all day. One of my kids said, the other day “Mom, why are you talking so loudly??” and I realize that it’s because hubby cannot hear me when I use my “normal voice”.

Can a hearing impaired spouse benefit the marriage?

The survey indicated that diagnosing and treating hearing loss in one spouse may benefit their marriage. Yet, more than half of the respondents said that their partners were reluctant to have their hearing tested. Almost as many respondents believed that their hearing impaired spouses refused to acknowledge their haring loss.

What’s the divorce rate for people with hearing loss?

Taking things one step farther, the site noted in an unpublished paper that the divorce rate among couples with one partner suffering from mild hearing loss was similar to current population norms. But marriages where one partner had severe hearing loss ended in divorce at four times the rate of the population norm.