How does a prime contractor support a subcontractor?

How does a prime contractor support a subcontractor?

l) the prime contractor will support subcontractors in processing invoices and payments, subject to the invoices being delivered to Company ABC in an acceptable format for consolidation and remittance to XYZ. To this end, Company ABC will establish format requirements for invoices. 2.0 ORGANIZATION 2.1 Contract Organization Chart

What is the subcontractor management plan for System z?

The Subcontractor Management Plan outlines the relationship between the XYZ Contractors in the SYSTEM Z project and the methods by which Company ABC, as the prime contractor, will assure the production of quality deliverables from each of its subcontractors and assure the development of long term business relationships between the Companies.

What’s the best way to manage a subcontractor?

The approach to managing the subcontractors is based on the following guiding principles: a) a Project Office will be established to effectively support the needs of the subcontractors, b) effective channels of communications will be clearly defined and established,

Can a prime contractor withhold kickbacks from a subcontractor?

(2) The contracting officer may direct a prime contractor to withhold from any sums owed to a subcontractor under a subcontract of the prime contract the amount of any kickback which was or may be offset against the prime contractor under paragraph (d) (1) of this section; and

Who is responsible for reporting on subcontracting performance?

The prime contractor and any subcontractor with a subcontracting plan are responsible for reporting on subcontracting performance under their contracts or subcontracts at their first tier.

When does a prime contractor have an individual subcontracting plan?

(C) Where the prime contractor has an individual subcontracting plan, the prime contractor shall establish two sets of small business subcontracting goals, one goal for the first tier and one goal for lower tier subcontracts awarded by other than small subcontractors with individual subcontracting plans.

Can a small business contractor use a PPP loan?

A small business contractor that is sheltering-in-place and unable to telework could use the PPP to pay its employees and then have the PPP loan forgiven, pursuant to the criteria established in the interim rule published by the [SBA].