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How do you write an employee for tardiness?

How do you write an employee for tardiness?

Tell the employee how her tardiness negatively affects the company. For example, you might write: “It is critical that you arrive to work on time so I do not have to assign your duties to your co-workers.” Write the effect of her actions on the company’s bottom line, if applicable.

Can you get a written warning for being late?

Most late-coming problems experienced by employers are due to the employer’s own fault. After the employee has received a series of warnings followed by a final warning and the employee comes late again the employer should convene a formal disciplinary hearing.

How do you discipline an employee who is late?

Write up an employee who is frequently late. Refer to the list of the days she came in late. Use the business’s customary disciplinary form or make your own. Include the reason for the write-up, the dates and times the employee came in late, and what further action you will take if she continues to come in late.

How to prepare a write-up for being tardy at your workplace?

Before you prepare the final version of a write-up, do a draft and read it aloud a couple of times before you give it to the employee. Before you prepare a write-up for tardiness, check your employee handbook to ensure you understand your company’s policy.

When was the last time I was tardy for work?

Specifically, you were tardy on August 3, 2010, 17 minutes, on September 22, 2010, twenty-three minutes, and again on October 7, 2010, nineteen minutes. On all three occasions you did not call prior to your scheduled start time to request permission to be tardy.

What does it mean to get a warning letter for tardiness?

When it comes to issuing a written warning letter for tardiness it generally means that someone has been tardy more than a few times. Of course, this is up to you and your own policy that you have presented in your employee handbook. This written warning letter is being issued to you for your failure to follow our company policy on attendance.

When to take action for tardiness at work?

Before you prepare a write-up for tardiness, check your employee handbook to ensure you understand your company’s policy. Some employers let the first or second tardy arrivals slide and begin disciplinary action once the employee has established a pattern of being late.

What does it mean to be tardy at work?

It is my recommendation that tardiness boils down to whether the employee was present and ready to work at the start of their scheduled shift. So if an employee was scheduled to work at 8:00am any time after 8:00am they would be considered tardy. That means that at 8:01am they are now tardy.

Do you give an employee a written warning for tardiness?

Now this is not to say that the very first time an employee is late you rush to give them an employee written warning letter for tardiness. Not at all; however, it doesn’t mean you ignore it either. If an employee is late the first time I recommend that you call them to the side and remind them of their start time.

What does a written reprimand for tardiness mean?

The written reprimand ensures that the employee is clearly informed of the expected performance they are not producing. The employer is informing the employee that the seriousness of the performance problem might lead to employment termination. You can use this sample as a model to write a written reprimand for tardiness.

What should be the facts in the case of tardiness?

In the case of tardiness the facts should be straight forward; however, it is always good to make sure. Answer questions like; was the schedule posted, did someone change the schedule, did the employee request to come in late prior to the date of tardiness, and did the employee understand your policy on tardiness?