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How do you tell an employee that stops asking so many questions?

How do you tell an employee that stops asking so many questions?

It may be difficult for your employee to stop asking questions when he’s become accustomed to coming to you for everything. Set aside a few times during the week when your employee can ask questions. Keep the meetings short. Allow no more than 10 or 15 minutes and ask him to focus on the most important questions.

Why is asking the same question over and over again irritating?

If we try and answer the same question over and over again, the stress levels shoot up. If we snap or ignore it, we feel guilty. It can get to the point where it feels like the person is “doing it on purpose” to be annoying, even though we know logically that it’s part of their illness.

Is it reasonable to ask employees to stop on their way to work?

Brenda, Sam and Mark had reasonable objections to your requests, as far as I can see. It isn’t reasonable to ask employees to stop on their way to work to pick up treats for a meeting. You would not ask them to stop somewhere and buy office supplies on their own time, would you?

How to deal with unwanted advances at work?

Bring the conversation back to work. An inappropriate comment can throw even the most powerful women off, so it’s helpful to have a sort of script that can instantly derail the conversation, or at least, stop it from escalating. Several redditors shared the amazing things they’d say, or have said, when approached by repulsive males.

What should I do if my boss asks me to work extra hours?

8. Work overtime without pay. If you need someone to work extra hours, pay them a bonus for that time or make them an hourly employee. Salaried employees sign up for a 40-hour work week — maybe 45 hours during a crunch time — not unlimited work whenever the boss requires it.

What should employees do when you ask them to do something?

The all-for-one culture you seek is something you will create over time by listening to your employees and taking their concerns seriously. The minute your fearful brain starts saying things like “These employees should be more agreeable when I ask them to do something!” you will have already lost the leadership battle.

How often can an employee have an advance?

Another consideration is how often an employee can have an advance. My experience is that oftentimes, taking an advance can be harmful for the employee, as their next paycheck is going to be short, and they need another advance to keep their heads above water. Pretty soon they’ve dug themselves into a hole they can’t crawl out of.

What do employers need to know about payroll advances?

When an employee asks for loans or advances they will most likely offer you some explanation why they need the money. Be careful during this conversation to not pry too deeply into their personal affairs. You don’t want a charge of discrimination coming your way later on!

What should you never tell an employee at work?

Never tell one employee or a group of employees when one team member is having problems at work. If you need someone to re-train or mentor an employee, simply ask them to help with that specific task. Don’t preface the request with “After two months, Sarah still isn’t picking up the job. She’s struggling.

What should I do if an employee asks for a loan?

Changing their payment frequency (for example, from monthly to weekly), and an official company policy on offering loans to employees would also help you push back on these emergency money requests. Regarding other managers giving them their own money, it is probably best for you to stay out of it.