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How do you talk to an employee about absences?

How do you talk to an employee about absences?

How to Discuss the Problem

  1. Remain aware that the meeting is investigative in nature and not disciplinary.
  2. Ensure the meeting is private.
  3. Have your facts ready before the meeting.
  4. Ask the employee for more details about the absences.
  5. Explain to the employee that their absences are affecting operations.

What happens when an employee misses eleven days of work?

But, none of your feelings matter when the employee is not performing his job . In a technology company, an employee attended her termination meeting. In the month prior to her termination, the employee had missed eleven days of work.

How to deal with an employee who is missing time?

Discuss the importance of each employee, full-time or part-time, on meeting the needs of the customer. Indicate that the employer has the right to terminate the employee, no matter how valuable he or she is, as a result of the missing time.

Why do so many people miss work for no reason?

People miss work for a variety of reasons, many of which are legitimate and others less so. Some of the common causes of absenteeism include (but are not limited to): Bullying and harassment – Employees who are bullied or harassed by coworkers and/or bosses are more likely to call in sick to avoid the situation

How to deal with no call absences at work?

Establish specific consequences tied to missing time. Document every instance of the problem. Follow through with the required action you’ve outlined with the employee. Whatever your goals are, ensure you enforce them evenly over all employees and management. Doing so sends a message that you won’t tolerate no-call absences. 3.

How to talk to employees about missed work days?

Explain how the missed work days hurt the business, too. Often an employee is unaware of how one person calling off impacts sales, service or company image. Discuss the specific cost of the employee absences to your business. 6.

How often does an employer check on an employee for missing work?

There is always a chance that they will. CareerBuilder’s survey reports that 38% of employers who responded have checked up on an employee to confirm their excuse for missing work. Some employers have asked to see a doctor’s note, and others have called the employee to check in on them. Some have even driven to the employee’s house.

What’s the most absurd reason for missing work?

An earlier survey from CareerBuilder listed some of the most absurd reasons for calling in, including the following: The employee said the ozone in the air flattened his tires. The employee’s pressure cooker had exploded and scared her sister, so she had to stay home.

What’s the best excuse for missing a day of work?

Good Excuses for Missing Work. If you are concerned about using the “I need a sick day” excuse too many times and want to be creative, here are some work excuses that might work when you need a reason to take time off from your job: Appointments (financial planner, accountant, lawyer, etc.) Babysitter problems.