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How do you become a USPS arbitrator?

How do you become a USPS arbitrator?

The minimum criteria for REDRESS mediators are:

  1. Completion of a 3-day mediation course (minimum of 24 hours) that includes extensive role-playing, AND.
  2. Completion of at least 10 mediations as lead or co-mediator, AND.
  3. Evaluations from a qualified source, AND.
  4. Completion of Postal Service certified training, AND.

What is an interest arbitration award?

procedure, interest arbitration, in which a neutral arbitrator or panel of arbitrators are charged with determining the terms of collective bargaining agreements as to issues the parties have not reached agreement on. The arbitrator or panel adjudicates the disputes based on statutorily designated factors.

Does the APWU have a contract?

The Collective Bargaining Agreement (aka CBA or union contract) between the APWU and the USPS sets the wages, hours, rights, job security and working conditions of postal workers. The current contract expires on September 20, 2021. Let us know what your priorities are for a new union contract.

What is the difference between interest arbitration and rights arbitration?

The predominant form of arbitration in labor matters is grievance arbitration, also known as rights arbitration. In interest arbitration the parties ask the arbitrator to settle differences that have led to an impasse in negotiations.

Who won USPS contract?

Oshkosh Corp.
Oshkosh Corp. won the U.S. Postal Service contract to replace its fleet of aging mail trucks in a fair competition, and the company can quickly ramp up production of electric vehicles for the agency, according to its chief executive.

Who are USPS employees involved in labor arbitration?

USPS employees and contractors involved in labor arbitration. Individuals and organizations interested in providing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services to all disputes, except those arising under USPS collective bargaining agreements.

When does the National Interest arbitration panel start?

In lieu of pre-hearing briefs, the parties presented lengthy and informative opening statements and exhibits on September 4, 2019, setting forth what each viewed as the important issues in dispute, as well as how the Panel should decide those issues.

How long is a labor arbitration case retained?

Labor arbitration records: Field-level disciplinary and contract application cases are retained 5 years from the date of final decision. National-level contract interpretation cases and court actions are retained 15 years from the date of expiration of the agreement.

What do you need to know about labor arbitration?

Labor arbitration information: Records related to labor arbitration proceedings in which USPS is a party. Contractor provider information: Records related to mediation providers, contract investigators, and contract final agency decision writers including name of individual or entity, contact information, capabilities, and performance.

When did the US Postal Workers go to arbitration?

Published by the American Postal Workers Union. Changes that the arbitrator made are in bold. The Arbitration Award issued on March 10, 2020 is in the back of the pdf.

What was the outcome of the NALC arbitration?

Arbitrator Goldberg concluded “the Postal Service must rescind the changes to the ELM, Exhibit 514.4 and PS Form 3971, and make whole any employees disciplined or whose LWOP requests were denied because they indicated they were requesting “union official” LWOP to engage in partisan political activity.

Where can I find the NALC arbitration database?

The NALC arbitration database is for members interested in contractual research. The database contains over 36,000 awards from national and regional level arbitration which members can download in PDF format. Using the database, members are quickly able to locate and read arbitration awards pertinent to the subject which they are researching.