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How do I review assignments on MyMathLab?

How do I review assignments on MyMathLab?

How do I review my homework assignments? You can review a homework assignment that you have already completed, by going to the Results page and clicking the Review link next to the assignment.

How do I use Pearson LockDown browser?

About the Pearson LockDown BrowserIn your program settings, enable the LockDown Browser for your program.Choose which tests to lock down: For individual tests, select A LockDown Browser is required in the Access Controls section of step 3 of the Test Wizard. Choose whether to allow students to use an online calculator.

Does Pearson use LockDown browser?

The Pearson LockDown Browser is a separate application for PCs and Macs that has to be installed on computers where locked-down tests or quizzes are taken.

Does respondus detect eye movement?

Respondus Monitor is a test proctoring solution that must be used in conjunction with Respondus LockDown Browser. Students are recorded during the test session and the software flags unusual activity such as eyes moving away from the screen, background noise, etc.

Is it wrong to cheat on a test?

Yes, it is morally wrong to cheat on a test. It is very wrong to cheat but some times cheating help us to get marks but more cheating is not good for us. In test with the help of cheating we can score good marks but in exam we not get good marks. The person will again force you to cheat.

Why you shouldn’t cheat on a test?

When you cheat in school to get better grades, it’s unfair to the kids who actually studied and did the work. You may also receive unfair recognition for the better grade, when it is not deserved. Cheating is unfair to you. Accomplishment feels good and helps build self-esteem and self-confidence.