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How do I return an assignment on schoology?

How do I return an assignment on schoology?

The Submissions Viewer feature enables you to “return” assignments to students by clicking the Save Changes button in the bottom-right corner of a document. If you use a third-party annotation program, you can upload your revised document to the comments/discussion area to the right of the student’s submission.

How do I Unsubmit a test in schoology?

Unsubmit AttemptClick the View Attempts option next to the student.Click the gear icon next to the attempt.Select Unsubmit.

Does schoology know if you switch tabs?

No, but there is Lockdown Browser where you can lock them into just the quiz and they can’t access any other tabs or programs until they submit the quiz.

How do you reply to schoology?

To respond to a message:Click the envelope icon in the header.Click a message to open and view its contents.Enter a response.Click Send to complete.

What does unpublish mean in schoology?

When an item is Unpublished, students are not able to see or access the assignment in the course. They also cannot view their received grade on the specific item. As a result, the overall grade they see will not reflect the grade they received on the unpublished item.

How do discussions work in schoology?

Discussions are interactive conversations that allow participation between you, your classmates, and your instructor. Each discussion has threaded commenting, allowing you to respond to any post by another student. For some courses, instructors may choose to moderate the discussion posts.

How do you start a discussion in schoology?

To create a graded discussion, follow these steps:Click on the Courses area on the top menu.Click on a course you administer.Add a Discussion to the course or course folder.Fill out the form to create a discussion, and check the box to Enable Grading.Click Create to complete.