How do I get my LPC in TN?

How do I get my LPC in TN?

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Licensing Process

  1. Pass the National Counselor Exam (NCE).
  2. Register for a temporary license.
  3. Complete fingerprinting and background checks.
  4. Accrue supervised experience.
  5. Pass the required exams and request your license.
  6. Receive your LPC license.

Can LPC diagnose in Tennessee?

The scope of practice for an LPC/MHSP is defined in statute at Tenn. LPC/MHSPs may “prevent, diagnose, and treat mental, emotional or behavioral disorders and associated disorders which interfere with mental health,” as opposed to only those listed in the LPC scope of practice.

What does MHSP stand for?


Acronym Definition
MHSP Mental Health Service Provider (counselor)
MHSP Mental Health Services Plan (Department of Health and Human Services; Montana)
MHSP Malvern Hills Science Park (UK)
MHSP Mile High Sneaky Pete (pool cue)

How to become a licensed counselor in Tennessee?

How to Become a Counselor in Tennessee 1 Decide which area of counseling to pursue. A counseling-related degree can lead you to many different professional counseling careers. 2 Earn the necessary degree (s) required for your counseling practice area. 3 Get licensed to practice counseling in Tennessee.

Can you get a LPC license in Kentucky and Tennessee?

Tennessee has a reciprocity agreement with Kentucky allowing Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCCs) in Kentucky to apply for an LPC/MHSP license in Tennessee and vice versa, though Kentucky does not accept LPC licensure without the MHSP designation as per the reciprocity agreement.

How many counseling schools are there in Tennessee?

Of the counseling schools in Tennessee, 0 offer an associate’s degree, 1 offers a bachelor’s degree, 0 offer a certificate, and 21 offer a master’s or advanced degree. 1,2 4 schools offer a degree in marriage and family therapy. 1,2

How to become a LMFT in the state of Tennessee?

Tennessee LMFTs cannot assess or diagnose mental health disorders. The steps to become an LMFT are: Register for a temporary LMFT license. Pass the Tennessee Jurisprudence exam for LMFTs and the AAMFT exam.

What is the role of a licensed Professional Counselor?

Licensed professional counselors are mental health professionals who work to help people resolve their psychological, emotional, and substance abuse problems. They typically specialize in areas such as school, family, substance abuse and mental health.

How to become a counselor?

  • Earn an Accredited Bachelor’s Degree. Any program that will accept you to further your education always requires a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Earn an Accredited Master’s Degree in Counseling.
  • Take the Exam.
  • Choose an internship or practicum.
  • Choose Your Counseling Specialty.
  • Continue Your Counseling Education.
  • Earn a Doctoral Degree.

    What is a license in counseling?

    A counseling license is a type of credential that allows therapists and counselors to practice legally in a region. When a counselor obtains a license, it signifies that he or she meets the minimum educational and training requirements set out by a government or regulating body.