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How can an executor of an estate be removed?

How can an executor of an estate be removed?

Any person interested in an estate, including an executor or someone with a “financial interest” in the estate, may attempt to remove the estate’s executor by making an application to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

Can a court force an executor to stand down?

You need to prove that person has seriously mis-managed the estate before the court will even consider forcing an executor to stand down. Generally speaking, the courts will only remove an executor if the beneficiaries or next of kin can demonstrate certain things. These include showing that:

Can a Master remove an executor for non-compliance?

The court further stated the majority of the Master’s power to remove an executor is in respect administrative non-compliance with the only ground for misconduct on the part of the executor in respect of Section 54 (1) (a) (b) of the Act. This section sets out the grounds on which the Master can remove an executor from the office.

How can I become an executor if there is no will?

Apply for probate. If there is a will, the court will grant you letters testamentary. If there is no will, you will receive letters of administration. This will officially begin your work as the executor. Notify interested parties.

What is an executor cannot do?

Executors cannot do things which are contrary to the benefit of heirs, beneficiaries, and the estate. This means if you suspect an executor is withholding your inheritance distributions, you would have the right to sue the estate, or litigate to suspend, remove and replace the executor.

Can an executor be removed?

An Executor cannot be removed simply because he or she made a bad judgment call that resulted in the Estate losing money. Serious misconduct is required in order to remove an Executor.

How much does executor get paid?

Someone who serves as executor or personal representative of an estate is entitled to get paid for the job. In addition to all out-of-pocket expenses in managing and settling the estate, executors generally earn a fee of about 2% of the probate value of the estate for their work.

Does an executor decide who gets what?

The executor should follow the will and distrute the assets according to the will provisions. The will should also be probated and the executor appointed before distributing any asset of the estate. The executor does not decide who gets what, he or she simply follows the directions of the will.