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How are home health agencies licensed in PA?

How are home health agencies licensed in PA?

All home health agencies in Pennsylvania are licensed by the Department of Health to provide care within the minimum health and safety standards established by rules and regulations. The department enforces the standards by conducting initial and periodic, unannounced state licensure surveys of these agencies.

Why do we need a home health agency?

Home Health Agencies Home health agencies provide health care services to ill, disabled or vulnerable individuals in their homes or places of residence, enabling them to live as independently as possible.

What are the new regulations for home health agencies?

“These new regulations stress throughout that it’s important for agencies to look at caregivers as potential partners in optimizing positive outcomes,” said Peter Notarstefano, director of home and community-based services for LeadingAge, a trade group for home health agencies, hospices and other organizations.

What makes a home health agency in Wisconsin?

The definition of a home health agency in Wis. Stats. § 50.49 (1) (a) is an organization that “Primarily provides skilled nursing and other therapeutic services.” Refer to Defining “Skilled Care” for Wisconsin Home Health Agency (HHA) Licensure, P-01212 (PDF) for more information on what constitutes skilled nursing care.

Is there such a thing as a home health agency?

For purposes of Part A home health services under Title XVIII of the Social Security Act, the term “home health agency” does not include any agency or organization which is primarily for the care and treatment of mental diseases.

What makes you a licensed home health provider?

Is licensed pursuant to State or local law, or has approval as meeting the standards established for licensing by the State or locality; Meets the federal requirements in the interest of the health and safety of individuals who are furnished services by the HHA; and

Who are the professionals in a home care agency?

For formal care, the health care professionals most often involved are nurses followed by physical therapists and home care aides. Other health care providers include respiratory and occupational therapists, medical social workers and mental health workers.

How many representatives can a home health agency have?

Home Health Agencies are encouraged to limit representatives to no more than two in order to allow maximum Agencies to participate. There is no cost for attendance; however, advanced registration is required as space is limited.