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How a Spy Camera Detector App Keeps You Safe?

If you travel much, then you better have Cocospy installed on your smartphone. It will keep you safe, especially if you are staying in the hotel. This app will let you know where there is a hidden camera or not. So, read till the very end.

Scan Your Area Carefully

You need a reliable Spy camera detector app like cocospy to begin with.

You need to check account the environment in by inch and see the obvious spots for hidden cameras at first. Following, we are going to name a few examples:

  • Smoke Detectors
  • Air Filter
  • Books
  • Decor
  • Electric Outlet
  • Desk Plants
  • Tissue Box
  • Stuffed Toys
  • Cushions, Table Tops or even Shelves
  • CD case
  • Light lamps
  • Plants
  • Roof
  • Holes in wall or door
  • Doorbell

You need to look for wires, lights, and lenses. These are the trademarks of a hidden camera. You might as well find an unusable power outlet or adapter. If you do find them, you better unplug them. You need to listen as you walk through the room. There might be some motion sensing device. It’s an inaudible buzz that will tell the camera when to start shooting.

Turn off the Light

If you want to spot the hidden camera, you will need to turn off the light and see for the red or green LED. These lights do blink or shine when there is a low light condition. If you created a low light situation instead of pic black one, the lens would turn on automatically, and this will supplement for the lack of brightness to produce clear images.

You will need to draw the curtains in your room and turn off every light and check for a blinking LED light in your room. It doesn’t matter what sort of device you want to be detected, wired or wireless, you can use these methods to look for a camera anywhere, in your room, car, store bedroom, or anyone where counts.

Use your phone

Cocospy is a tracking app. It is featured in several top publications around the world. Some of these publications are iGeeksBlog, PCMag, Digital Trends, Life Wire, and others. The app is used and loved by millions of users around the world.

The app comes with cutting edge features. This app likes you Track and Record Live Calls. You have to track text messages, track email, track social media in real time and track live GPS location. You have to view their contacts and internet search history.

You can see their contacts and browser history. It also gives you access to their calendar and address book as well. You will also be able to read their instant messages as well as get remote control of their device.

Most Spyware apps require you to jailbreak and root your device. This is not the case with Cocospy. You can easily install it on Android or iOS without any issues.

How to Use this app?

You can use this app to keep track of anyone’s activities. It saves your time and effort. You don’t have to go through a complex and long process to set this app.

Download the app from official website and install it on your and target device. You best get the paid premium version because it comes with several added functions that you will find useful.

You will need to physical access the target device for a few moments. Once installed, you can track all of their activities with access to the whole list.

This is the screenshot of Dashboard.

The interface is easy to understand and use. You will find everything you need right at your fingertips. If you need help, you should know the app comes with detailed guide.

Hire Help

This might sound off the track, but if you are living in a hotel and you want to assure the room is safe, then you can hire a professional spy camera detector to do the job for you.

We might as well mention this is your last resort. There are high chances you will find the hidden camera with the ways mentioned above. But if you don’t and you are still suspicious, you should try this option. It will offer complete satisfaction.

This will incur some costs, but it’s worth the mental peace you get in the end!