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Gameplay review of Wish Upon a Jackpot Slot

Why do we find slot games so fun?

Well, in 2019 where there are so many different kinds of online slots at Dream Jackpot, ranging from the classically themed to the more elaborate, 3D adventures that are all the rage, there are many things to enjoy about the modern slot.

From fine graphics to new, unique and original layouts, the slot game and online slot machine has never been better. Yet, one thing that will always be a huge appeal of a slot machine is the prospect of a jackpot and that is something that is game plays on well.

Wish Upon a Jackpot is a fairytale themed online slot game that leaves you wishing for the jackpot in question and in order to get anywhere near it, you’ll have to navigate the 5 reels and 20 pay lines of this entreating title.

About the developer

Blueprint Gaming are the people behind this slot game and they have done a mighty fine job of delivery some excellent graphics and animation to Wish Upon a Jackpot.

Blueprint can be relied on for such graphics always and have a tendency to involve some smart bonus features and mini games, too. All of this is involved here as well as some great accessibility made possible thanks to a minimum bet of 20p and playability across all major platforms.

Whether you spin these reels on smartphone, tablet or desktop, the performance is optimised for you and that is something which Blueprint Gaming should be praised for.

About the game

As already mentioned, there is a fairytale theme at play here in Wish Upon a Jackpot.

Adhering to this, graphics are cartoony in their style, looking like something out of a family friendly animated movie. In fact, more accurately, this game shares a lot of similarities with the movie series, Shrek, what with various elements of fairytales like three little pigs, a gingerbread man, a big bad wolf and more coming together.

Some of these characters are integral to the bonus rounds and of course, the symbols, too, as the e game ties the theme into the gameplay effortlessly. Betting starts at 20p per spin but can go all the way up to £50 per spin for the high-rollers.

Look out for a magic castle, a glass slipper and a golden harp on the reels, as well as a frog prince which acts as the wild symbol in this game. Use it well and you’ll want to kiss this frog.

Bonus Features

Wish Upon a Jackpot is packed with bonus features and they are used to tie in all sorts of fairytale fun with the gameplay.

With no shortage of bonuses, the game can appear confusing but once you realise that none of these bonuses are bad news, you soon get used to it. A Rumpelstiltskin Deal Maker offers you a cash prize or a gamble, whilst the 3 Little Pigs will give you free spins. There is much more involved in this game, too, with 8 features in total.


A fun theme and a whole host of bonuses make this a really strong online slot game.