Does MindTap include ebook?

Does MindTap include ebook?

Students can read and practice anywhere, anytime with the Cengage Mobile App. They can access the full ebook online or offline, have the text read aloud to them, set reminders, study flashcards, take practice quizzes and view grades.

How do I get a cengage access code online?

Obtaining Access CodesPurchase a textbook that is bundled with an access code card, and enter the code after logging into WebAssign. Purchase an access code card separately at your bookstore, and enter the code after logging into WebAssign. Purchase an access code online after logging into your WebAssign account.

How long does it take to get an access code?

Once you have finished your EI online application, you will receive a 4 digits access code by mail within 1 to 2 week(s). This is an instructional letter that everyone will receive upon filling your EI application online.

Is GCKey same as personal access code?

A GCKey is a unique electronic credential issued by the Government of Canada for use with online Government services. a GCKey ID. a Personal Access Code (PAC)

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How do I change my EI access code?

How to reset my EI access code? —Call EI call centre at 1- during weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. local time.Personally visit the nearest Service Canada Centre with 2 pieces of photo ID. You will be asked some questions to confirm your identity before given a new temporary EI access code.