Do you need clarification or to be clarified?

Do you need clarification or to be clarified?

Re: need clarification vs to be clarified I am from western Pennsylvania. I understand your statement completely. You need the work done. You need the issue clarified. Which means you need someone to do the work so that it is then “done.”. Or someone to clarify the meaning to you.

Do you need some clarification on Article 14?

Most of the amendments are more are less technical, but two merit some clarification. I would therefore like some clarification on Article 14 from the Commission. Commissioner, we need some clarification regarding thresholds, as Mr Harbour has indicated. I hope the debate we are holding here will bring some clarification.

How is the word’clarification’used in a sentence?

A few years later it expanded to include caviar and isinglass, a product used in the clarification of wine and beer, made from the fish’s swim bladder. Find more words!

When is inferior sugar employed, clarification is required?

When inferior sugar is employed, clarification is always necessary. She was prohibited from correcting grammatical errors explicitly but could recasts or request clarification if an error impeded comprehension. Atkins adds that this clarification may simply be staling whether the mill can make copier paper or value-added grades.

When to ask for clarification from someone else?

Sometimes we need clarification when we want to get a better handle on where others are coming from. Asking clarifying questions shows that you’re actively listening and want to understand. The best questions are open-ended. They allow the person to expand on the topic rather than giving a simple yes or no response.

Can a physician get credit for an independent interpretation?

Answer: The physician may not get credit for an independent interpretation. The guidelines are very clear that if the physician is billing for the interpretation or previously billed for the interpretation, it isn’t credited as an independent interpretation. Don’t believe me?

How to ask a bank representative for clarification?

Write your responses in the comments section. You are in a bank and you want to open a new account. The bank representative is describing the different types of accounts and telling you about online banking. You are not sure you understand his explanation of online banking. Express your lack of understanding and ask for clarification.

How to ask for clarification-Voice of America?

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