Do you have to pass a pre employment drug test?

Do you have to pass a pre employment drug test?

Private employers are not legally required to drug test their employees and do so at their own discretion. Employees in a federally regulated position, on the other hand, are mandated to take and pass a pre-employment urine test.

What do you need to know about employment drug testing?

Urine tests may be required as part of pre-employment screening or may be conducted randomly by employers, especially for employees in certain occupations.

How are blood tests used for pre employment?

A breath alcohol test can only test for current intoxication and has no indication of past use. With a blood test, blood is drawn to determine the amount, if any, of drugs and alcohol in the system. Generally, blood tests for pre-employment drug screenings are used to find illegal substances. The most common drugs screened in a blood test are:

Can a job applicant be tested for alcohol and drug use?

They cannot selectively test some applicants for a particular job while not testing others – it’s all or none. Many companies test job applicants for illegal drug use as part of the employment hiring process. Also, employees may be screened for drug and or either alcohol use, where permitted by state law.

What type of drug test is used for pre employment?

The most common pre-employment screen, the 5-Panel Drug Test, identifies amphetamines; THC, or marijuana; cocaine; opiates, such as heroin, codeine or morphine; and PCP, or angel dust.

What to expect during pre-employment drug testing?

A urine test is the most common form of pre employment drug testing. Usually the applicant will be asked to remain at the collection center and drink measured fluids until able to produce a sample. Hair testing is growing in popularity and has been accepted by courts as a legal way to test for drugs.

How long for results from pre employment drug test?

Results from workplace drug testing are fairly quick and can usually be received in a few days. Negative results are usually received within 24 hours, however, a positive screen will require further testing that may take a few days up to one week.

What does pre employment drug screening mean?

Pre Employment Drug Screening. Definition – What does Pre Employment Drug Screening mean? Pre-employment drug screening refers to drug testing done at the workplace of any organization during the recruitment process that determines the presence of drugs or alcohol in the body of the candidate.