DesignCap Review: Make a Free Poster Online

An advertising poster not only mentions a product or service that you want to promote but also can also serve to publicize the community of a special event such as sports, concerts, exhibitions, clubs, etc. Currently, there are many programs to make posters on the internet so that you can create your own poster without the help of a graphic designer.

DesignCap is one of the online tools that allow you to design appealing posters in minutes. It is a completely free tool from choosing a template to download the results. With hundreds of predefined templates it provides, you don’t have to start from scratch. Besides, DesignCap allows you to mix different elements of each other, so your design is getting more personalized. It can be used following simple steps to create a professional poster in minutes:

In the beginning, you need to click the “make a free poster/flyer” button on the main homepage. Then you will directly reach the editing screen, where you can take a look at the different features of DesignCap.

As I outlined above, DesignCap provides hundreds of template which give you more inspiration. And all templates are divided into different themes, such as the movie, school, birthday, music, and so on. You can choose the template you prefer, and start to design your own poster. It is possible to change and delete all the elements of the template. Another interesting feature is that it allows you to upload your own photos to include them in your creations. Besides, it is possible to take images from DesignCap’s photo gallery where there are 580 thousand images. Of course, you can change the text font according to your taste. DesignCap offers some text fonts to enhance your poster. What’s more, it is available to choose from a wide selection of delicate clipart. At last, DesignCap gives users the opportunity to modify the background, such as solid color, gradient color, and some texture patterns.

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Once the design of the poster is finished, you can download it in JPG, transparent PNG or standard PNG format. It is also possible to share the results on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

Features of DesignCap:

  • No download or registration required
  • Hundreds of poster and flyer template
  • Thousands of resources including photos, fonts, clipart images, and backgrounds
  • Powerful editing tools let you customize your posters and flyers with dragging and dropping.
  • It is available to download the image in sizes from small to extra-large.
  • It comes with a clear and intuitive interface.

If you think you do not have budget or time, or simply because you are not good at graphic designing, then DesignCap is a good choice for you. DesignCap is a fantastic graphic editor, where you can acquire a quick and professional result for your business or personal use. I’m sure you’re eager to try it! Do not wait any longer; here is the link:  https://www.designcap.com/.