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Can you sue your employer if you hurt your back?

Can you sue your employer if you hurt your back?

Your sole remedy against your employer would be in workers’ comp and not with a civil law suit. So the strict answer to your question is, No, you cannot sue. As the others have indicated, you may still be able to bring the WC claim within 5 years of the date of injury.

Who was the Norfolk Southern employee killed on the job?

Keith Whited was a member of BMWED Affiliated System Federation Local Lodge 571 and was a 10 year NS employee. According to a sheriff’s office Captain, an investigation showed that the Norfolk Southern truck over-corrected while trying to maintain control on the windy road and the truck crossed the center line and struck an oncoming SUV.

Who was the Lafarge employee killed on the job?

It was confirmed that the worker was a Lafarge employee, but we were never able to confirm an identity.

What was the unemployment rate in the recession of 2007?

In December 2007, the national unemployment rate was 5.0 percent, and it had been at or below that rate for the previous 30 months. At the end of the recession, in June 2009, it was 9.5 percent. In the months after the recession, the unemployment rate peaked at 10.0 percent (in October 2009).

How often do young workers get injured on the job?

For the 10 year period 1998 to 2007, there was an annual average of 795,000 nonfatal injuries to young workers treated in U.S. hospital injury departments. The rate for emergency department-treated occupational injuries of young workers was approximately two times higher than among workers 25 years and older.

What are the common mistakes made after a job injury?

Many people do not prepare for such thing, which is understandable, but this can lead to mistakes. When someone suffers a job injury, they need to know what to do, and also what not to do. The most common mistakes can often end up greatly decreasing the potential settlement and/or benefits someone may receive.

How is Bob Woodruff doing after his injury?

Lee said that Bob was doing well and was currently filming a television documentary about his experiences. She also revealed that he had been back to Iraq since the incident to visit the soldiers with whom he was traveling at the time of his injury.

When was mr.radetic injured in a car accident?

Since being injured in 2004, Mr. Radetic has been very active in the National Disabled Veterans Winter and Summer Sports Clinics, and recently participated for the first time in the National Veterans Wheelchair Games.