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Can you be scheduled over 40 hours a week?

Can you be scheduled over 40 hours a week?

§ 201 and following), the federal overtime law. The FLSA sets no limits on how many hours a day or week your employer can require you to work. It requires only that employers pay employees overtime (time and a half the worker’s regular rate of pay) for any hours over 40 that the employee works in a week.

How much does a maintenance technician, apartments make?

Pay by Experience Level for Maintenance Technician, Apartments. An entry-level Maintenance Technician, Apartments with less than 1 year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of $13.83 based on 32 salaries.

What do you need to know about apartment maintenance?

More extensive properties with hundreds of housing units will employ multiple technicians to handle the higher workload. Apartment maintenance technicians handle the bulk of repair and upkeep tasks, and they usually need to have very diverse skill sets. Technicians perform both routine maintenance and emergency repairs.

How to renew your apartment maintenance technician certificate?

Submission of both annual AIME membership dues of $50 and documentation of five hours of continuing education credit should be submitted to complete the annual AIME membership renewal. For more information about the Certificate for Apartment Maintenance Technicians program contact NAAEI at 703-518-6141 or your state or local affiliate .

What kind of work does an apartment technician do?

Electrical repair is another key responsibility for apartment maintenance technicians. They repair and replace power switches, fuses, and wall sockets. Technicians also troubleshoot electrically powered appliances such as ceiling lights, ceiling fans, climate control systems, and garage doors.

How many hours does a maintenance tech work per apartment?

A single maintenance tech for 500 units means performing about 4 hours of annual labor per apartment. Our 32 hours per apartment is 8 times more than the 4 hours per unit that you expect, or, put another way, you are able to achieve “mission accomplished” with 1/8th the effort.

How many techs do you need to plan maintenance?

Therefore, a planner needs to stay ahead of at least 20 techs on an ongoing basis. As a minimum, there needs to be enough planned work available at the end of the week to enable scheduling for the next week. This could mean as much as 800 hours planned (20 techs times 40 hours per week).

How many hours per week should a maintenance planner work?

However, the plant’s preventive maintenance program also should be generating work orders that don’t need advance maintenance planning. Presume the plant wants to spend 20 percent of hours on PM tasks. That subtracts 160 hours and suggests each planner should plan 640 hours of work per week.

Do you have to be a well paid maintenance technician?

Yes, this person does not have to be a well paid maintenance technician and would be a lower paid employee, but one person for 500 units, could not handle make-readies, workorders, and the above, could they?