Can you backdate workers comp?

Can you backdate workers comp?

A Workers’ Compensation claim must be made within six months of the date of injury or incident. However, this six month time limit may be extended to three years, but only in certain circumstances where there is a reasonable cause for not making the claim earlier.

How does workers comp work for knee injury?

Workers compensation benefits offer full payment on your medical expenses since knee injuries are extremely costly to treat, regardless of whether you have an insurance cover or not. The benefits cover medical expenses on knee replacement, other types of surgeries or physical therapy if necessary for speedy healing.

When to return to work after a knee injury?

After seeking medical attention, you should follow the doctor’s instructions and avoid returning to work until you fully recover from the injury. Remember, using ice and heat and elevating your leg can significantly help increase blood flow and relax the muscles at the injured knee for a speedy recovery.

How often do knee injuries occur in the workplace?

Leg and knee injuries occur in the workplace often and result in a lot of time away from work. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data indicates that leg and knee injuries impact hundreds of thousands of employees yearly (with numbers comparable to hand, shoulder, and back injuries ).

When to file a worker’s comp claim?

The first step in filing for a worker’s compensation claim involves reporting the injury to your employer and the worker’s compensation insurance carrier within the first 21 days. Reporting the injury within the specified number of days ensures that you receive benefits retroactively from the injury date.

When is knee replacement surgery covered by workers’compensation?

Worker’s compensation must pay for all reasonable treatment you need because of a job-related injury. If your utilization review finds that a knee replacement is medically necessary, the surgery should be covered by workers’ compensation.

What is the average workers comp settlement amount for a knee injury?

What is the Average Workers Compensation Settlement Amount for a Knee Injury? In my experience the average workers comp settlement for a knee injury ranges from $35,000 for a non-operative muscle or ligament injury or dislocated kneecap to $215,000 or more for injuries requiring arthroscopic surgery or total knee replacement.

Who is the best worker’s Comp lawyer for knee injury?

If you have questions about filing for workers’ comp, settlement offers, or anything else pertaining to your claim, the workers’ comp lawyers at Krasno, Krasno, & Onwudinjo are here to assist you in all aspects of your knee injury case.

What to do after a knee injury at work?

After a workplace knee injury, it is very important to work with a qualified and experienced workers’ compensation attorney to guarantee your workers’ compensation eligibility, to ensure your claim is filed correctly and to maximize your compensation benefits.