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Can my employer deny my vacation request in Massachusetts?

Can my employer deny my vacation request in Massachusetts?

According to Massachusetts law, employers are not required to offer vacation time to their employees. Employers can also dictate the amount of vacation time an employee may take and can require that the allotted time be accrued over time (e.g., a certain amount of hours per pay period).

Is it illegal to ask a candidate their salary?

California’s ban prohibits private and public employers from seeking a candidate’s pay history. The law also requires employers to give applicants pay scale information if they request it.

How to access state employee email in Massachusetts?

Follow the links below for email access options and technical resources for remote access. What would you like to do?

How to apply for workers comp in Massachusetts?

Start your work comp quote online or give us a call today. The standard Acord 130 application form for workers’ comp coverage in Massachusetts. Employee brochure about Massachusetts workers’ compensation insurance with helpful contact numbers for state and regional offices.

When to request a copy of your personnel file in Massachusetts?

Under MGL C.149 §52C, all employees in Massachusetts have the right to review their personnel records, or receive a copy, within 5 business days after submitting a written request. Employers are required to notify employees within 10 days of placing negative information within their personnel record.

Can a Massachusetts employee work out of State?

Employees working remotely may travel to many states as part of a national or regional sales force, or they may work full-time out of their residence. In Massachusetts, this arrangement requires careful planning by the employer in the following legal areas:

How to request your personnel file in Massachusetts?

The Massachusetts personnel record law, M.G.L. chapter 149, § 52C, allows a current or former employee to get a copy of their personnel file. The law requires an employer to give access to personnel records to employees and former employees upon written request.

Can a Massachusetts employer ask about your previous salary?

To comply with the new law, Massachusetts employers no longer may inquire about an applicant’s previous salary history during an employment interview. The law prohibits Massachusetts employers from asking job applicants about their salary history as part of the screening process.

How to file a Massachusetts employment background check?

All of these FCRA compliant release documents may be e-mailed to the applicants and easily completed online. Massachusetts recently enacted the “pay equity law” which requires Massachusetts employers to compensate men and women equally based on comparable work.

When was the new Massachusetts personnel file law signed?

The law signed by Governor Deval Patrick was made retroactive to August 1, 2010. Although the new law limits the employee’s inspection of his or her personnel file to twice per calendar year, that limit excludes inspections triggered by notification that new negative material has been added.