Can I work part time on an E3 visa?

Can I work part time on an E3 visa?

You can work part-time on the E3 Visa as long as it still meets the other criteria like Specialty Occupation. Each of the employers need to be listed on your E3 Visa stamp in your Passport with an approved LCA for each position.

Can you get an E-3 visa from Australia?

The E-3 is a new visa category only for Australians coming to the US to work temporarily in a specialty occupation. Who qualifies for the E-3 visa? The new E-3 visa classification currently applies only to nationals of Australia as well as their spouses and children.

What are the requirements for an E3 visa?

The basic requirements for the E-3 visa category are: a. You must be a citizen of Australia b.

Can a spouse of an E3 visa holder work?

The spouse and children under 21 of E-3 visa holders are eligible for derivative E-3 visas (commonly called “E-3D”). An E-3 dependent spouse is eligible to work after obtaining the Employment Authorization Document (EAD) from USCIS. Children are not entitled to work authorization. All E-3 dependents can attend school full-time.

Is the E-3 visa the same as the H-1B visa?

The E-3 visa category, similar to the H-1B category, is designated for “specialty occupation” professionals who are citizens or nationals of Australia. While the E-3 visa is very much like the H-1B, there are few distinct differences. Let’s a take a closer look at the E-3 visa category, a great alternative to the H-1B for Australians.

How to apply for an E3 visa from Australia?

In advance of applying for an E3 visa you may travel to the United States to search for a job or attend an interview. However, you cannot apply for the actual visa from within the United States. All visa applicants must appear at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy abroad to apply, and first time E3 visa applicants will need to apply in Australia.

Is there an age limit for an E-3 visa?

No. E-3 visas are only available for Australian nationals. If you are a new Australian citizen or are in the process of becoming one, please note that you will need to possess an Australian passport by the time of your visa interview. Is there an upper age limit for applicants? No, there is no upper age limit. What is a specialty occupation?

Can a dependent on an E-3 visa work?

Dependents of E-3 visa holders in E-3D status are eligible to work but must apply for an Employment Authorization Document. Filing ahead of time also ensures that the dependent in E-3D status has enough time to file an extension for their Employment Authorization Document. Luke is an Australian national who is working in the U.S. in E-3 status.

When to apply for a change of status to E-3?

Change of Status To E-3 If You Are Already Present In The U.S: Individuals already in the U.S. in a valid nonimmigrant status which supports change of status (e.g., Visa Waiver, K-1, etc. do not support a Change of Status), may apply for a change of status to E-3.