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Can I get in trouble for cursing at work?

Can I get in trouble for cursing at work?

You may wonder if foul language in the workplace is legal. Although many people may be thoroughly upset with the use of profanity and rude behavior in the workplace, there are no employment laws that require people to be respectful and polite to each other.

Can you cuss at an employee?

However, employers need to carefully consider their response to profane or obscene language when used by employees. As discussed later, in some circumstances, cursing or the use of offensive language is considered protected activity under the National Labor Relations Act.

When do employees curse excessively in the workplace?

When employees curse excessively in the workplace, or even a little bit, some companies may want to use their own “f-word” — as in “firing.” Others may barely notice, and some may not want to deal with employees’ choice of language at all. Yet employers need to carefully consider their responses to profane and obscene language in the workplace.

What happens when an employee is a problem?

Problem employees aren’t just irritating, they can also be financially draining for a business. Research shows that these employees can cost an organization up to $8,000 a day by eroding trust, reducing output and innovation, and lowering the motivation and cohesion of their work group, according to the Center for Creative Leadership.

What to do about profanity in the workplace?

Companies should also differentiate between the occasional outbursts of foul language, and sustained cursing directed at a particular employee or group of people. Rough language used as a weapon to intimidate or bully employees can lead to potential claims of a hostile work environment or harassment. The topic of conversation is important, too.

Is there a way to bleep curse words in the workplace?

Too bad workplaces don’t come with the technology that allows employers to replace curse words with the bleeps so often heard during profanity-laced tirades on television.